Austrian man responsible for the removal of Our Lady of the Amazon, Native Artwork from Church - New Video

An Austrian man claims he threw the native artwork of Our Lady, also termed by some as ‘Pachamama’ statues into the Tiber on November 4, 2019.  In a video uploaded on YouTube Nov. 4, a man named Alexander Tschugguel, from Austria said he was one of the two men who took five controversial statues from a church near the Vatican and threw them into the Tiber River. “I came to a conclusion together with a friend of mine… we should go to Rome. We should get the statues out of the church. They do not belong in a Catholic church,” Alexander Tschugguel said in the YouTube video Nov. 4. 
At a news conference Oct. 21, Paolo Ruffini, head of Vatican communications, said it was a “stunt.”  Ruffini also said that throwing the statues “is a gesture that seems to me to contradict the spirit of dialogue that should always animate everything.” “I don’t know what else to say. It was a theft...”
 In the five-minute video,Tschugguel describes why he took the carved images from the Santa Maria Church in Traspontina. 
These figures were used at many events of the Vatican’s Amazon Synod. Some have considered them as images of the Blessed Virgin Mary (see image below), and others say they depict the indigeneous religious figure “Pachamama.” 
A recent translation by a native speaker shows that these figures represented Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to many of the natives. See Link:
They were in the Carmelite church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, close to the Vatican, and used in several events, rituals, and expression of spirituality taking place during the Oct. 6-27 
 The video is uploaded from the same account as an Oct. 21 video, which showed two men with obscured faces entering the Santa Maria in Traspontina to take the images and then throwing the carved wooden figures from the side of the Sant’Angelo bridge into the Tiber River. 
 Pope Francis apologized to the natives on Oct. 25 asking forgiveness from those who were offended by the statues being thrown into the Tiber River, and said that they had been displayed in the church “without idolatrous intentions.”
 In the latest video, Tschugguel appeals for people to subscribe to his YouTube channel, and asks for  donations via Paypal and Patreon.