#BreakingNews RIP to Over 100 Priests who have Died from the COVID-19 in Italy in the past Few Weeks

Italy: "Over a hundred priests died from Corona"
Over a hundred priests are said to have died of the Corona virus in Italy in the past few weeks. That explains the newspaper "Il Giornale" this Tuesday.

This data  relies on figures from all Italian dioceses. The priests came from all parts of the country; the youngest of the deceased was 45 years old. The statistics do not include the number of religious and deacons who died from the virus.

The bishop of the northern Italian city of Bergamo, particularly affected by the Corona crisis, wants to celebrate a requiem for all deceased priests after the end of the restrictions. He announced this in an interview with the “Zeit” supplement “Christ und Welt”. At the beginning of the pandemic, Pope Francis called on priests to make contact with infected people and bring them to communion.
Source: https://www.vaticannews.va/de/welt/news/2020-04/corona-virus-priester-italien-verstorben-statistik-bergamo-bistu.html