Saturday, April 11, 2020

Watch LIVE the Shroud of Turin on Holy Saturday- Join in Prayer with the World with Blessing from Pope Francis

On Holy Saturday special Prayers will be LIVE streamed at the Cathedral where the Shroud of Turin is located. 
You can participate via the Video below!
 The Archbishop explained that this is being done to support the faithful in this time of the coronavirus pandemic and to ask Christ for “the grace to overcome evil as He did on the Cross”. "Stronger is the love. This is the Easter proclamation that the Shroud brings us to relive and that fills our hearts with gratitude and faith", said Archbishop Nosiglia. 
CNS reports In his message to the archbishop, Pope Francis said "I, too, join in your prayer," . "In the face of the Man of the Shroud we also see the faces of many sick brothers and sisters, especially those most alone and least cared for, but also all the victims of wars and violence, slavery and persecution."
Offering his blessing to all who watch the exposition online or on television, Pope Francis said, "we live these days in intimate union with the passion of Christ so as to experience the grace and joy of the resurrection."

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