Feminists in Columbia Vandalize Cathedral and Write "Rapists" on Walls with Paint - VIDEO

Another Cathedral was vandalized on International Women's Day.
In Columbia, a group of women on Monday, after arriving in the center of the city of Ibagué, with the aim of holding a supposedly peaceful day of demonstration, committed a clear act of vandalism. CNW previously reported of the Cathedral in Mexico which was also vandalized on the same day. They wrote on the walls of the Cathedral with aerosol paint, writing "rapists" and "we want each other alive."
Not satisfied with vandalizing the religious temple, some of the young women kicked against the doors of the Cathedral, while the others encouraged them with songs alluding to their feminist movement.
Finally, it was learned that the photojournalist for the newspaper El Nuevo Día, Jorge Cuellar, was also beaten and mistreated by some women, arguing that the day could only be covered by women.
Source: Ecosdelcombeima