RIP to 25 Catholic Priests and 60 Religious Sisters in the Last 2 Months in Tanzania, Africa - Statement from TEC

  The Citizen, via All Africa reports that the General Secretary of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), Father Charles Kitima has on Wednesday March 3, said that more than 25 priests, 60 religious sisters and two elders of the laity have died within two months of various causes including respiratory challenges.
Father Kitima made the remarks while addressing the media on various issues, especially the Covid epidemic, urging church members to continue taking precautions against the disease in accordance with health ministry guidelines.
In a statement, Kitima, who served as Vice Chancellor of St. Augustine University (Saut), said the deaths occurred between mid December and February in different parts of the country.
"Please continue taking precautions against this disease by following the instructions of the Ministry of Health. Priests are dying and sisters are dying but this number within two months has shocked us especially considering the Government has strengthened better health systems," said Kitima.
He said TEC president Gervas Nyaisonga had already distributed guidelines to bishops of various dioceses on measures to protect themselves against Covid while providing services.
Source: The Citizen of Tanzania and All Africa - Image Screen Shot of Church in Tanzania