Pope Francis Reveals that a Nurse Saved his Life after his Operation and Speaks on Resignation Rumors in Exclusive Interview

Pope Francis had bowel surgery in July and has now given his first exclusive interview with a Spanish news service called COPE. In the interview, on August 30th, the Pope revealed that the nurse saved his life and spoke of rumors of his resignation. The Spanish broadcaster COPE published excerpts from the extensive interview in which the Holy Father also explained details about his surgical treatment in early July.  


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The Pope's intestinal operation at the beginning of July was apparently more serious than initially thought and he spent 10 days in hospital. The 84-year-old explained that he had part of his colon removed on July 4th in a planned three-hour procedure. Final examinations had confirmed the initial diagnosis of severe constriction. The more precise findings showed "signs of sclerosing diverticulitis", a hardened inflammation of protuberances in the intestinal wall. The fact that he is still alive is thanks to the nurse in charge - "a man with a lot of experience," said the Pope. It is the second time in his life that a caregiver has saved his life. The first incident of this kind occurred in 1957. At that time, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as a seminarian in Argentina, had to endure a complicated lung operation.
(The first time it was an Italian nun who, opposing the doctors, changed the medication they had to give the Pope, then a young seminarian, to cure him of the pneumonia that he suffered, as Francis has told on several occasions.)
Pope Francis, also addressed rumors of his resignation. He said to COPE: "Whenever a Pope is sick, there is a breeze or a conclave hurricane"
 "I'm alive," said Pope Francis when the interviewer Herrera asked him how he is doing.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera revealed the name of the nurse who "saved the life" of Pope Francis. Massimiliano Strappetti was present before and after the recent colon operation and we could also see him in the first appearance of Pope Francis at that Angelus from the hospital window. Passionate about his work and extremely secretive about him, many have recognized Massimiliano as the nurse who saved the Pope.

Those who know him describe him as a loving father and husband, generous and devoted to others even outside of his work. Massimiliano also works as a volunteer helping those most in need, so dear to Pope Francis.

Massimiliano came to work at the Vatican after a long professional career at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. 

After the Angelus from the hospital, Pope Francis emphasized, "Free health services. I have experienced how important it is that are good and accessible to all. We have to keep it! "

COPE noted that there was a rumor about a possible resignation of Pope Francis, to which he responds "whenever the Pope is ill there is a breeze or a conclave hurricane."