Wow Vatican City Built in Lego - the 1st Entire Country to be Built in Lego by Rocco Buttliere with 67,000 Pieces - VIDEO


Rocco Buttliere is the first person to depict an entire country in a single Lego build. He chose the Vatican, and his creation consists of about 67,000 pieces. It is the world’s first contiguous LEGO landscape of an entire sovereign country.
The structure is a 1:650 ratio and took nearly 500 hours of planning plus 300 hours of building to complete. Buttliere's website showcases some 80 LEGO models from building replications to historical architecture.

Vatican City is the smallest nation on Earth. However, the sovereign entity of today’s Holy See, the Roman Catholic Church is the largest and oldest continuously functioning international institution - and Vatican City is the spiritual, religious, and diplomatic center of the Catholic Church.  Since the time of Peter, the church has been overseen by a single monarchical figurehead; a Bishop of Rome; a Pontifex Maximus; a Pope.  Today, Pope Francis is the 266th Bishop of Rome and resides within Vatican City.  The country is also home to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, the Apostolic Palace, the Vatican Gardens, St. Peter’s Square, and the Papal Basilica of Peter in the Vatican (or simply, St. Peter’s Basilica).  Across its 121 acres, Vatican City contains an innumerable sum of significant works of cultural and architectural heritage.  For this reason, Vatican City represents far more than a spiritual center for 1.3 billion Catholics.
Dimensions from the Website:
Parts: 67,000+ (~1,300 unique) Scale: 1:650 Dimensions: 52in x 68in (131cm x 173cm) Design Time: 500+ hours in 70 days Build Time: 300+ hours in 28 days