Pope Francis says to Artists "...you give signs that are contrary to the unfortunately widespread culture of rejection. Instead you seek to build, with the “discarded stones”..." FULL TEXT



Clementine Hall - Friday, 4 February 2022


 The Foundation is a non-profit organization where “the values of the Christian faith, the need for inter-religious dialogue, and the lay values that focus on the dignity of every person, collaborate to encourage and accompany the growth and development of the weakest people from all over the world.”


The group's aim is to recover the dignity of the people involved by letting them express their talents through cultural and artistic paths. (Vatican News)

 Dear brothers and sisters, good morning and welcome!

Thank you for this visit. I thank my friend Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori for his presentation. Thank you, Arnoldo.

I greet the detainees from the prisons of San Vittore in Milan, Opera and Alba, with the director and staff. I congratulate you on your work. They are artisanal activities, and also have a symbolic Christian value: preparing the hosts for the Eucharistic celebration; making musical instruments from wood recovered from boats that carried migrants; carpentry, like Saint Joseph and Jesus; the production of wine, which is the symbol of the feast – remember the wedding at Cana!

I greet the refugees who perform tailoring work.

I greet the young mothers with their children.

I greet the people with disabilities, who also collaborate in preparing the hosts and the violins.

I greet the musicians of the multi-ethnic orchestra, with the directors and Maestro Piovani, who composed the music for “Violino del mare”.

I greet the people from Spain, Brazil and Argentina, as well as the volunteers and collaborators.

I thank you all because you are a seed of hope. With the support of the “House of the Spirit and the Arts”, you give signs that are contrary to the unfortunately widespread culture of rejection. Instead you seek to build, with the “discarded stones”, a house where one breathes an air of social friendship and fraternity. Not everything is easy – we know – it is not entirely a “bed of roses”! Each one of us has his or her limits, mistakes and sins. All of us. But God’s mercy is greater, and if we welcome each other as brothers and sisters, he forgives us and he helps us go forward.

Brothers and sisters, let us remember with gratitude all those who contribute to the work of the Foundation; and a grateful and prayerful thought goes in particular to Ms. Marisa Baldoni.

I thank you once again and I encourage you to continue on your way. May Our Lady and Saint Joseph accompany you. May you always have among you and in your workshops the spirit of the house of Nazareth! I bless you with affection. And you, please, do not forget to pray for me. Thank you.


Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office, 4 February 2022