Wow Over 100,000 March for Life in Madrid, Spain and Found Inspiration in the US' Pro-Life Victory!

More than 100,000 people marched through the streets of Madrid to protest against the laws that violate human life. More than 200 civil society organizations from all over Spain gathered in a massive march that has been widely followed via streaming (see video below) and that has had a clear message: «We are risking our lives! Enough of laws against the Truth and human nature!”  NEOS, the Assembly of Associations for Life, Liberty and Dignity and the Platform Every Life Matters, were conveners of the Demonstration in defense of Life and Truth, that marched on Sunday, June 26th Sunday. 
The demonstration started in the Madrid roundabout of Bilbao and  traveled the streets of Madrid until reaching Plaza Colón. The march was led by representatives of the more than 200 convening organizations, including Jaime Mayor Oreja , promoter and member of NEOS; Carmen Fernández de la Cigoña , director of the CEU Institute for Family Studies and member of the ACdP; Josep Miró , coordinator of the Assembly of Associations for Life, Liberty and Dignity, who subsequently spoke a few words about the reasons that have led to calling this mobilization in favor of Life and Truth and denouncing the attitude and strategy of the Government contrary to the reception, care and dignity of human life. 
(FULL Video Starts at the 56:00 Mark on the Video Below)
  Jaime Mayor Oreja began his speech with a reference to the decision of the US Supreme Court, which this Friday repealed the right to abortion in the US as a constitutional right. "This sentence shows that the debate on the culture of life is not closed, far from it, and that it will prevail over the culture of death, an expression of yesterday's slavery." For the promoter of NEOS, the lack of presence favors the extremism of the laws and, therefore, it is essential “to mobilize and defend the Christian foundations of our society against the implacable social disorder. We are not here today in a debate of the past, but to become aware and prepare for the debate of the future». 
Mayor Oreja has assured that the demonstration supposes «a before and after for all, a symbol of the beginning of a change of attitude. Each and every one of us has to be able to transform a silent and well-to-do majority into a creative, noisy and participatory minority. The promoter of NEOS has concluded his intervention by appealing to the transforming power of the sum of forces and has warned those who govern: "we are not going to be silent, we are going to be more present, united and active than ever." 
Carmen Fernández de la Cigoña, for her part, has expressed that "we are convinced that life, family, truth and freedom matter and that is why we are here." In relation to the new abortion law approved by the Executive, the director has been clear: "they want us to see as moral that 16-year-old girls can go for an abortion without their families, who are the people who love them the most and who the more they care about them, they know it». The director of the CEU Institute for Family Studies and a member of the ACdP assures that the Government wants to change reality: “killing is good and compassionate; caring, praying, helping those who need a helping hand, on the other hand, is bad». 
Regarding the objectives of the demonstration, he assured that “we are here because we want to take care of life and because we are not afraid. We want the life of children, the life of the elderly and freedom. Because without freedom there is no life. Fernández de la Cigoña has appealed directly to the Government: «You cannot decide who lives and who dies nor push society to do so. Because every life matters.