#BreakingNews 2 Catholic Priests Kidnapped in Nigeria - Please Pray for the Release of Fr. John Mark and Fr. Denatus

Two Catholic priests, Father John Mark Cheitnum and Father Denatus Cleopas were kidnapped in the afternoon of July 15th at the rectory of Christ the King Catholic Church in the town of Lere in Nigeria’s Kaduna State. 
The Nigerian diocese of Kafanchan released a statement  asking for prayers after the abduction. “May Jesus, crucified on the Cross, listen to our prayers and hasten the unconditional release of His priests and all other kidnapped persons,” Father Emmanuel Uchechukwu Okolo wrote in the statement (see below). 
Fr.  Okolo, chancellor of the diocese of Kafanchan, explained: “We will use every legitimate means to ensure their quick and safe release,” Seven Catholic priests have been kidnapped in Nigeria in the month of July, but 4 were recently released. Priests in Nigeria suffer from kidnapping quite frequently, 20 Nigerian priests have been abducted since the start of 2022. 
Very high ransoms are asked for the return of the priests. 
Due to this dire situation 700 priests protested asking the government to do more to protect them.