Pope Francis Recommends "...Never lose his style, God's style: closeness, tenderness, compassion. This is God's style. Thus you will sow seeds of the Gospel on the true frontier of the world..."

Clementina room
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Pope Francis meets with 250 members of Italy's "Frontier Community", and underscores the importance of living the Gospel and focusing on the Risen Christ in their outreach to disadvantaged youth, so that they may rise above the darkness of their difficulties.
Dear brothers and sisters, good morning and welcome!
I thank the Minister Provincial and I thank you young people for your testimonies. I greet the Bishops and priests present, and in particular Friar Giuseppe, who, together with some young people, gave life to the Frontier Community.
In this community we see the imprint of two charisms: that of St. Francis of Assisi and that of Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi. An ancient charism known to all, the Franciscan one, which in the Church has become a large tree with many branches; and a very recent charism, that of the martyr priest Don Pino, who gave his life for the love of his people and especially his children.
Both Francesco and Don Puglisi lived the Gospel on the "frontier". But let's be careful: this word can become a slogan, perhaps in fashion. No, we don't want it to be that. “Frontiera” is the style of Jesus Christ, who despite being God, came to meet us, lost sheep, lost and without hope.
Frontier is the style of Francis who, like Jesus, strips himself of his riches and becomes a beggar in order to abandon himself completely to the Providence of the Father who is in heaven, and thus share the condition of the little ones, of the least, of those who are healers of bread, but also and above all of love.
Frontiera is the style of Don Pino Puglisi, who becomes the father of the boys of his parish in Brancaccio, goes to meet them on the road to remove them from the street, educates them to serve God and neighbor and not to serve their own interests and those of the mafia. .
Frontier is not a slogan, dear brothers and sisters, it is a way of life. And your stories prove it: yours, Francesca, Luciana and Antonella; yours, Gaetano; yours, Nicoletta; yours, Vincenzo; yours, Francesco. Different stories, because each of you is unique and unrepeatable. But in all of them there is a golden thread that binds them and unites them: the thread of love that overcomes evil and generates life. Love which is welcoming and listening; love which is closeness, tenderness, compassion; love that is respect, dignity and promotion.
Dear friends, I have mentioned two inspiring charisms: that of Francis of Assisi and that of Don Pino Puglisi. But I must tell you that the name “City of Boys” also makes me think of another charism: that of Don Bosco, the Salesian charism, which encourages us to dedicate ourselves to children and young people so that they become good Christians and honest citizens. It seems to me that Providence, calling you to Mola di Bari to animate the City of Boys, also wanted to give you this gift.
And finally I want to emphasize, from your experience, what is actually the most important element, the hinge: at the center is the Risen Christ, the Lord. If I am not mistaken, it is in your emblem, the Risen Jesus, because he is at the center of the life of the members of the Community. You consecrate yourselves to him to transmit his light, so that the boys and girls who are in the dark can "come to the light", be reborn to a new life.
I thank you and I tell you: go forward, with the strength of the Lord and of his Spirit. I recommend: never lose his style, God's style: closeness, tenderness, compassion. This is God's style. Thus you will sow seeds of the Gospel on the true frontier of the world, which is the human heart: the true frontier. May Our Lady accompany you, and also my blessing, which I cordially give to you and to all the members of the Community. And please, I ask you to pray for me. Thank you.
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