Pope Francis says "Every day I pray that this war will finally end...and, therefore, I ask for a ceasefire" at Vatican "Invocation for Peace" with Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors

Pope Francis says "...the educational mission of the family is spoken of as a ministry of evangelization, which makes it a place of genuine Christian initiation..."

Vatican Releases Updated Schedule of Pope Francis' Trip to Hungary and Statistics of the Catholic Population in the Country

Pope Francis to Ukrainians "Have no doubt, I pray for you! I hold you in my heart and ask God to have pity on this courageous populace."

Pope Francis' World Communications Day Message "As Christians, we know that the destiny of peace is decided by conversion of hearts, since the virus of war comes from within the human heart."

Pope Francis says "...Jesus, with the strength of God’s love, transformed evil into goodness...Jesus made this mystery tangible in the Eucharist..." FULL TEXT to Injured Vets

Pope Francis says "Advent is a time when, instead of thinking about gifts for us, we can give words and gestures of consolation to those who are wounded, as Jesus..." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says for Advent "God is near and is coming. Let us never forget this! The Lord always comes, the Lord visits us...and will return at the end of time to welcome us in his embrace." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "Peace is the responsibility of one and all...if we commit ourselves to sowing peace with our daily actions...The world also needs us consecrated as artisans of peace!"

Vatican Announces "surprise and regret" over Installation of Bishop in China which was not in Accordance with the Vatican-China Agreement - FULL TEXT

Pope Francis' Letter to People Ukraine after 9 Months of War "Your pain is my pain. In the cross of Jesus today I see you, you who suffer the terror unleashed by this aggression."

Pope Francis Tells Theologians "I believe that perhaps it would be important to increase the number of women...because they think differently from men and make theology something deeper..." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis' Homily "Let us light candles of hope in the midst of darkness. Amid dramatic situations, let us seize opportunities to bear witness to the Gospel of joy..." on World Day of the Poor - FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says "Let us always remain close to our brothers and sisters in martyred Ukraine. Close in prayer and with concrete solidarity. Peace is possible!" FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis Offers 3 Points on Communication Saying "Communication is, so to speak, the craftsmanship of bonds, within which the voice of God resounds..." FULL TEXT

2 Former Vatican Employees are Suing the Vatican for $9.5 Million

Pope Francis Outlines "...the importance of turning to Jesus every day, kneeling and in his presence learning from Him who is meek and humble of heart..." to Seminarian Trainers

Pope Francis with King Abdullah bin Al Hussein of Jordan at the Vatican Discussing "the need to protect and encourage the Christian presence in the Middle East" - VIDEO

Pope Francis says Peace "Bridges are built starting from there, from prayer of intercession: day by day, knocking insistently at the heart of Christ..."