Pope Francis says "The Lord's gaze on each one of us," and Prays for Peace - FULL TEXT

Pope Francis at 1st Angelus Since his Surgery says "God is not distant, he is a Father, he knows you and he loves you" and Prays for Peace - FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis Tells Religious "...offer the Holy People of God the face of the Father and create a family spirit..." but Warns of "Gossip" and "Soft Paganism" in Hungary FULL TEXT

Pope Francis' Message for the 60th World Day of Prayer for Vocations "God calls us in love and we, in gratitude, respond to him in love." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says " it is important to...leave time and space for Jesus, not to hide anything from him, to bring him our miseries, to let ourselves be wounded by his truth, to let our heart vibrate at the breath of his Word." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis says "...the educational mission of the family is spoken of as a ministry of evangelization, which makes it a place of genuine Christian initiation..."

Pope Francis gives a Fragment from the True Cross to King Charles III of the United Kingdom as a Coronation Gift

Pope Francis says "...Christians, by participating assiduously in the celebration of the Eucharist, were led by the Spirit to base their lives on that mystery of love..." FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "The experience of Pentecost is....made concrete in the daily celebration of the Eucharist, in the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament, in the life of prayer..." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis on Divine Mercy Sunday Prays for Peace among Russia and Ukraine and Wishes a Happy Easter to the Eastern Churches - FULL TEXT + Video from the Vatican

FULL TEXT Homily of Pope Francis at the Easter Vigil "Return to Him, rediscover the grace of the resurrection of God in you! " with Baptism of 8 People - VIDEO

Pope Francis' Palm Sunday Homily "Christ took this to the cross, taking upon himself the sin of the world." Why? "For Us" FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis says "Jesus tells us, “I want you free and alive, I will not abandon you and I am with you!" FULL TEXT from the Vatican + Video

Pope Francis' Homily "Without God, without his grace, we are not healed of our sin. His grace is the source of our change." on Solemnity of St. Paul - FULL TEXT + Video