Saints of JULY - List of SAINT Feast Days for the Month of July - Inspiring True Stories to SHARE!

Here is a List of Saint Stories for the month of July; Click each title to learn more about these inspiring holy heroes!July a Month Devoted to the Precious Blood of Jesus - Powerful Prayers to the Precious Blood to Share! Novena, Litany and Chaplet
Saint July 1 : Saint Junípero Serra the Great Franciscan Spanish Missionary of California
July 1 : Canada Day -Brief History - Catholic Church in CANADA + LIST of Canadian SAINTS with PRAYER
Saint of July 2 : St. Bernardino Realino a Jesuit who Cherished the Poor
Saint July 3 : St. Thomas the Apostle who Doubted and Patron of the Blind, Architects and India - #Apostle
Saint July 4 : St. Elizabeth of Portugal the Patron of 3rd Order #Franciscans
Saint July 4 : Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati the Patron of World Youth Day and University Students - #WYD
Happy 4th of July! Independence Day Explained - with Prayers for America to Share!
Saint July 5 : St. Antonio Maria Zaccaria the Founder of Barnabites or Clerks Regular of St. Paul
Saint July 6 : St. Maria Goretti the Patron of Teen Girls and Crime Victims with Special Prayer
Saint July 7 : Saint Benedict XI a Dominican Pope who Died in 1304
Saint July 8 : St. Priscilla and St. Aquila the Friends of St. Paul and Co-workers in Christ
Saint July 9 : St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions who were Martyred in #China
Saint July 9 : St. Veronica Giuliani a Capuchin Mystic who received a Crown of thorns
Saint July 10 : St. Rufina and Saint Secunda who were Virgin Martyrs and Refused to Deny Christ
Saint July 11 : St. Benedict the Founder of Western Monasticism and Patron of Fever, Monks, Temptations
Saint July 12 : Saint Louis and Saint Zélie Martin the Parents of St. Thérèse the Little Flower - #Lisieux
Saint July 12 : St. John Gualbert the Founder of the Vallumbrosan Order
Saint of July 13 : Rosa Mystica - Feast Day of Our Lady the Mystical Rose - A Brief History with Prayer
Saint July 13 : St. Teresa de los Andes a Discalced Carmelite from Chile
Saint July 13 : St. King Henry II the Patron of the Childless, Disabled and #Oblates
Saint July 14 : St. Kateri Tekakwitha the Patron of Ecology and Natives - a Mohawk
Saint July 15 : St. Bonaventure a Franciscan Doctor of the Church and Patron of Bowel Disorders
Saint July 16 : Our Lady of Mount Carmel honoring the day Our Lady gave the Scapular to St. Simon #MountCarmel
Saint July 17 : St. Alexis - Man of God from Rome and the Patron of Beggars and Travelers
Saint July 17 : Blessed Martyrs of Compiegne - Catholic Nuns Guillotined in France during the Revolution
Saint July 18 : St. Frederick the Patron of the Deaf and a Bishop Martyr who Died in 838
Saint July 18 : St. Camillus de Lellis the Patron of Nurses , Hospitals and the Sick and Founder
Saint July 19 : St. Arsenius the Great a Hermit and Anchorite who Died in 450 AD in Egypt

Saint July 19 : St. Macrina the Younger - a Religious who was the Sister of Saints Basil, Peter and Gregory of Nyssa
Saint of July 20 : St. Elias or Elijah the Prophet who was Fed by Ravens and Beheld God on Mount Horeb
Saint July 20 : St. Margaret of Antioch the Patron of Pregnant , Child Birth and Nurses
Saint July 20 : St. Apollinaris of Ravenna a Bishop and Miracle Worker
Saint July 21 : St. Lawrence of Brindisi Franciscan Capuchin and Doctor of the Church
Saint July 22 : St. Mary Magdalene the Patron of Prostitutes, Hairdressers, Converts and Temptation
Saint July 23 : St. Bridget of Sweden, Foundress, and the Patron of Widows and Europe
Saint July 24 : Saint Charbel Makhlouf the Wonder-worker of the East and Patron of Maronites
Saint July 24 : St. Christina of Bolsena - a Young Christian Martyr who stood up to her Father's Pagan Beliefs and was Protected by Angels
Saint July 25 : St. James the Greater the Apostle and Patron of Veterinarians, Pharmacists and Compostela in Spain -
Saint July 25 : St. Christopher the Patron of Bachelors , Travelers and Toothache
Saint July 26 : Saint Joachim the Father of Mary and Grandfather of Jesus
Saint July 26 : St. Anne the Grandmother of Jesus and Patron of Wives, Women in Labor, Canada
Saint July 26 : St Anne and St. Joachim, Parents of Mary and Grandparents of Jesus
Saint July 27 : St. Pantelon the Patron of Bachelors and Physicians - with Prayer
Saint July 28 : St Alphonsa a Nun who said "...I will seek refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus".
Saint July 28 : St. Samson a Bishop and Confessor of Wales
Saint July 28 : St. Victor I the 1st Pope from Africa who Died in 199 AD
Saint July 28 : Blessed Stanley Francis Rother an Oklahoma Priest and Missionary who Died a Martyr in Guatemala
Saint July 29 : St. Martha the Patron of Cooks , Housewives , Laywomen and Maids
Saint July 29 : Memorial of Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus of Bethany - Siblings who were Friends of Jesus
Saint July 30 : Blessed Solanus Casey a Franciscan Capuchin Priest
Saint July 30 : St. Peter Chrysologus - the "Golden-Worded" a Bishop who Died in 450 AD
Saint July 31 : St. Ignatius of Loyola the Founder of the Jesuits and Patron of Soldiers - #SJ