Saints of February - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of February - Stories to Inspire!


This is a series of Links with the Saint Feast days from the month of February. Click on each title to learn more about each Saint. 
Saint February 1 : St. Brigid of Ireland : Patron of Babies; Children of unwed parents; Fugitives; Ireland; Midwives; Poets
Feast February 2 : Presentation of Child Jesus in the Temple - Candlemas
Feast February 2 : Our Lady of Good Success
Saint February 3 : St. Blaise : Patron of: Throats, Animals, Builders, Veterinarians, Infants, Stonecutters, Carvers
Saint February 4 : St. Joseph of Leonessa : Capuchin Priest
Saint February 5 : St. Agatha : Patron of Breast Cancer; Bakers; Nurses; Rape victims; Single laywomen; Sterility
Saint February 6 : St. Paul Miki & Companions : Martyrs of Japan
Saint February 7 : St. Colette of Corbie : Foundress of Colettine Poor Clares
Saint February 8 : St. Josephine Bakhita who went from Slave to Saint with Litany Prayers to Share!
Saint February 9 : St. Apollina a Martyr and the Patron of Dentists and Tooth Ache
Saint February 10 : St. Scholastica, Twin Sister of St. Benedict and the Patron of Nuns and Storms
Saint February 11 : Our Lady of Lourdes - who appeared in 1858 as the Immaculate Conception
Saint February 12 : St. Saturninus & Companions : Bishop & Martyr
Saint February 13 : St. Catherine de Ricci a Mystic and Counselor to Future Popes
Saint February 14 : St. Cyril and St. Methodius the Patrons of Ecumenism, Unity of Eastern and Western Churches
Saint February 14 : St. Valentine, a Martyr and the Patron of Love and Marriage
Saint February 15 : St. Claude de la Colombiere the Jesuit Patron of Toy makers, Turners
Saint February 16 : St. Onesimus : Martyr and Former Slave to Philemon
Saint February 17 : Founders of the Orders of Servites - 7 Youths to whom the Blessed Virgin appeared
Saint February 18 : St. Fra Angelico the "Angelic friar" a Dominican and Patron of Artists with Prayer
Saint February 19 : St. Conrad of Piacenza a Franciscan Confessor, Hermit and Patron of Cure for Hernias
Saint February 20 : Saints Jacinta and Francesco of Fatima a short History with Special Prayers
Saint February 21 : St. Peter Damian : Bishop and Doctor of the Church
Saint February 22 : Feast of the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle - 1st Pope of the Church chosen by Christ
Saint February 23 : St. Polycarp : Bishop and Martyr who modeled his life after Christ and Patron of Against Earaches, and Dysentery
Saint February 24 : St. Ethelbert : King of Kent who Died in 616
Saint February 25 : St. Walburga a Benedictine Nun who came from a Family of Saints and Patron against Storms
Saint February 26 : St. Porphyrius : Bishop of Gaza in Palestine
Saint February 27 : St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows the Patron of: Students, Youth, Seminarians and a Passionist Monk
Saint February 28 : St. Hilary : Pope
Saint February 29 : Saint Oswald the Saint of the Leap Year and Archbishop of Canterbury
Thanks and God bless!