Saints of October - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of October - Inspirational Saint Stories to SHARE!

Here is a list of inspiring Saint stories for the month of October. Click each link to find out more about these Holy heroes of the Faith!

Did You Know that October is Dedicated to the Rosary? PRAY the Rosary During October and Come Closer to Jesus and Mary!

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Saint October 1 : St. Therese of Lisieux, Little Flower, the Patron of AIDS, Illness, and Missionaries - Famous for Sending Roses from Heaven!

Saint October 2 : Guardian Angels Feast - Every human has their very own Guardian Angel and Today is their Day!

Saint October 3 : St. Mother Theodore Guérin the Founder of the Sisters of Providence

Saint October 5 : St. Faustina Kowalska the Apostle of Divine Mercy and Patron of World Youth Day

Saint October 9 : St. Denis the Patron of Headaches, Rabies, and Possessed People with Novena Prayer

Saint October 10 : St. Francis Borgia a Jesuit and Patron of Earthquakes and Portugal

Saint October 11 : Saint John XXIII the Pope who started Vatican Council II and Patron of Christian Unity

Saint October 11 : Saint María Soledad Torres Acosta the Foundress and Mother of the Servants of Mary

Saint October 12 : St. Wilfrid, a Bishop Confessor and the Patron of England - A great defender of the rights of the Holy See

Saint October 12 : Blessed Carlo Acutis - Millennial Gamer Teen who said the Eucharist was his Highway to Heaven! Patron of Internet, Gamers, Youth

October 13 : Anniversary of Fatima Miracle of the Sun - #Fatima Witnessed by 70,000 in 1917- True Story to Share!

Saint October 13 : St. Edward the Confessor a King of England and the Patron of Difficult Marriages

Saint October 13 : Blessed Maddalena Panattieri, O.P. who spent mornings in Eucharistic Adoration and afternoons Helping the Sick and Poor

Saint October 14 : St. Callistus I - a Pope who Taught that Repentant Serious Sinners Could Return to Communion the Patron of Cemetery Workers

Saint October 15 : St. Teresa of Avila - a Carmelite and the Patron of loss of Parents, Religious, Sickness and Spain

Saint October 16 : St. Margaret Mary Alacoque - an Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Patron of Polio and Loss of Parents

Saint October 16 : St. Marguerite d'Youville the Patron of difficult Marriages, Widows and Victims of Adultery

Saint October 18 : St. Luke - a Physician and Evangelist and Patron of Artists, Physicians - who Painted Our Lady

Saint October 23 : St. John of Capistrano - a Papal Legate and Patron of Judges who Died in 1456 in modern Croatia