January Saints - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of January - Inspirational Saint Stories to SHARE!

January Saints : A List of Saints for the month of January - which is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus. Click each link to find out more about these Holy heroes of the Faith!

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Saint January 1 : Solemnity of Mary Mother of God - a Title of Mary Ratified during the Council of Ephesus in 431
Saint January 2 : St. Basil the Great the Patron of Exorcism, Hospital administrators, Reformers, Monks, Education, Liturgists
Saint January 2 : St Gregory Nazianzus a Cappadocian Father who wrote a Special Prayer to the All-Transcendent God
Holy Name of Jesus Feast with Powerful Prayers Against Evil including Litany + Novena to the Holy Name
Saint January 4 : St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Convert and the Foundress of the Sisters of Charity ; Patron of Catholic Schools
Saint January 5 : St. John Neumann a Redemptorist Bishop and Missionary to the USA
Saint January 6 ; St. André Bessette : Brother : Builder of the Oratory to St. Joseph
Saint January 6 : Saint Charles of Sezze, O.F.M. who “By word and example he recalled in all the need of pursuing only that which is eternal”
January 6: What is the Epiphany - A visit of 3 Kings to Baby Jesus - with Novena Prayers + House Blessing CMB to Share!
Saint January 7 : St. Raymond of Penyafort a Dominican and the Patron of Lawyers and Canon Law
Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Help) - Brief History with Novena Prayers a and Litany - #FeastDay Jan. 8
Saint January 11 : St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch an Abbot and Founder who lived in a Cave to Fast and Pray
Saint January 12 : St. Marguerite Bourgeoys a Foundress and Patron of Poverty, Orphans, People rejected by Religious orders
Saint January 12 : St. Bernard of Corleone : Religious
Saint January 13 : St. Hilary of Poitiers a Bishop of Poitiers who Converted from Paganism after studying Scripture
Feast Day January 14 : Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague History from 1556 - 5 Things to Know and Share!
Saint January 14 : St. Sava a Monk who became Metropolitan and Patron of Serbia
Saint January 14 : Saint Felix of Nola a helper of the poor and the Patron of Eyes, Against Lies; Pets
Saint of January 14 : Saintly Devasahayam Pillai a Hindu Convert from India who was Martyred
Saint January 15 : St. Ita a Religious who said God detested 'A scowling face' and Patron of Limerick, Ireland
Saint January 16 : St. Berard of Carbio a Franciscan Friar Minor and of the 1st Martyrs of the Friars in Morocco
Saint January 16 : St. Joseph Vaz : an Oratorian Missionary Priest of India who Spread the Faith in Sri Lanka
Saint January 17 : Our Lady of Hope (Pontmain) a Pontifically Approved Apparition of Mary from 1871 who said “But pray, my children. God will hear you in a short time."
Saint January 17 : St. Anthony the Abbot and the Patron of Amputees; Butchers; Epilepsy; graveyards; Monks; Pigs; Skin diseases;
Saint January 18 : St. Volusian a Married Bishop of Tours who Died in 496
Saint January 18 : Saint Margaret of Hungary - a Princess who became a Nun and Mystic who came from a Family of Saints
Saint January 18 : Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce an Augustinian Nun who Established an Orphanage
Saint January 18 : Saint Jaime Hilario Barbal who entered Seminary at age 12 and said “To die for Christ, my young friends, is to live.”
Saint January 19 : St. Canute IV the Famous King of Denmark who was Martyred with 17 others
Saint January 20 : Bl. Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi a Nigerian Priest who ministered to the poor, the lonely, and the sick
Saint January 20 : St. Fabian a Pope and Martyr during the persecution of Decius, in 250 AD
Saint January 20 : St. Sebastian a Martyr and the Patron of Soldiers and Athletes with Prayer
Saint January 21 : St. Agnes : Engaged couples; Chastity; Gardeners; Girls; Rape victims; Virgins
Saint January 22 : St. Vincent Pallotti a Priest Devoted to Our Lady and the Poor who Founded the Pallottines
Saint January 22 : Blessed Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann, M.D. a Doctor and Prince with a Family of 14 Children who went to Daily Mass
Saint January 22 : Saint Vincent of Saragossa a Deacon and Martyr of Spain who was Defended by a Raven
Saint January 22 : Blessed Laura Vicuña of Chile who Died Offering her Life to Jesus for her Mother's Conversion
Saint January 23 : St. John the Almsgiver the Patriarch of Alexandria and Patron of Knights Hospitaller
Saint January 23 : St. Ildephonsus : Archbishop of Toledo, Doctor of the Spanish Church
Saint January 23 : St. Marianne Cope of Molokai, Hawaii but Born in Germany who spoke “the language of truth and love”
Saint January 24 : St. Francis de Sales the Patron of Confessors; Deaf ; Educators ; Writers; Journalists
Saint January 25 : Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles
Saint January 26 : St. Titus : 1st Bishop of Crete and Companion of St. Paul
Saint January 26 : St. Timothy : 1st Bishop of Ephesus and the Patron of Stomach and Intestinal Disorders
Saint January 27 : St. Angela Merici the Patron of Sickness, Handicapped, Loss of parents
Saint January 28 : St. Thomas Aquinas the Dominican Patron of Catholic Universities, Colleges, and schools
Saint January 29 : St. Gildas the Wise of Scotland who built a Monastery at Rhuis
Saint January 30 : St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti a Virgin - 3rd Order Franciscan and Foundress of the Sacconi