SAINTS of JUNE - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of June - Inspiring Stories to Share!


Here is a List of Saint Stories for the month of June; CLICK each title to learn more about these inspiring holy heroes!
June is Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Click here to Consecrate your Family to Jesus for Protection! Special Prayers Included

Saint June 1 : St. Justin Martyr who Died in 165 and a Father of the Church
Saint June 2 : Sts. Marcellinus & Peter : Martyrs who Died in 304
Saint June 3 : Sts. Charles Lwanga, Joseph Mkasa, Martyrs of Uganda : Patrons of African Catholic Youth
Saint June 3 : St. Clotilde the Queen of France who was Dedicated to Prayer and Patron of Brides , Adopted Children and Widows
Saint June 4 : St. Francis Caracciolo the Founder of Minor Clerks Regular and Patron of Cooks
Saint June 4 : Saint Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad the Founder of Bridgettines who Saved Jews in WWII
Saint June 5 : St. Boniface : Apostle of Germany : Patron of Brewers and Tailors with Litany and Novena Prayers
Saint June 6 : St. Norbert the Patron of Childbirth and Peace - Founder of the Norbertines with Novena Prayers
Saint June 7 : St. Robert of Newminster a Cistercian Abbot who Died in 1159
Saint June 8 : St. Medard the Patron of the Weather and Toothaches - with Prayer
Saint of June 8 : St Mariam Thresia who Levitated during Prayer and a Foundress and Patron of the Family
Saint June 8 : Our Lady Seat of Wisdom an Ancient Title of Mary
Saint June 9 : St. Columbkille of Ireland the 1st Missionary to Scotland
Saint June 9 : St. Ephrem of Syria - the Harp of the Holy Spirit, a Doctor of the Church and Patron of Spiritual Directors
Saint June 9 : Blessed Anna Maria Taigi a Mystic and Mother whose Body is Incorrupt
Saint June 10 : St. Getulius & Companions who Died in 120 AD
Saint June 11 : Saint Barnabas the Apostle who is the Patron of Hailstorms and a Peacemaker
Saint June 12 : St. John of Sahagun a Hermit and Patron of Spain - #Espana
Saint June 13 : St. Anthony of Padua the Famous Patron of Lost , Travellors, and #Sailors
Saint June 14 : St. Methodius I of Constantinople a Patriarch and Defender of Images during Iconoclast Period
Saint June 15 : St. Germaine Cousin the Patron of Abuse Victims, #Disabled , Ugly people, and those Abandoned
Saint June 15 : St. Vitus who is Patron of Actors , Comedians, #Dogs, Dancers and Epilepsy
Saint June 16 : St. John Francis Regis a Jesuit Evangelist and the Patron of Social Workers -
Saint June 16 : St. Lutgardis a Benedictine Nun who Entered the Convent at Age 12 and would Levitate - Patron of Blind, Childbirth and Disabled
Saint June 17 : St. Avitus an Abbot who Died in 530 AD
Saint June 17 : St. Albert Chmielowski, a Painter, and the Founder of the 3rd Order of St. Francis, Servants of the Poor
Saint June 17 : St. Hervé of Brittany who was Born Blind but was Able to Cure Animals
Saint June 18 : St. Elizabeth of Schoenau the Patron Against Temptations also an Abbess and Mystic
Saint June 18 : Venerable Matt Talbot the Patron of Alcoholics - with a Special Prayer
Saint June 19 : St. Romuald an Abbot and Founder of the Camaldolese Order
Saint June 19 : Saint Juliana Falconieri a Sister of the Servants of Mary or #Servite Order
Saint June 20 : St. Silverius - the Son of Pope Homisdas who became Pope and Died in 537
Saint June 21 : St. Aloysius Gonzaga the Patron of Youth , AIDS Victims and Caregivers
Saint June 22 : St. Thomas More who was Martyred by King Henry VIII for Defending the Church - Patron Saint of Religious Freedom, Politicians, Lawyers , and Widowers

Saint June 22 : St. John Fisher a Cardinal in England, who Preached Publicly Against Divorce, Martyred by King Henry VIII in 1535
Saint June 22 : St. Paulinus of Nola a Governor who Gave his Possessions to the Poor and Became a Bishop, after the Death of his Only ChildOur Lady of the Cape - Brief History with Prayer to the Miraculous Lady of the Cape of Canada - Feast Day June 22
Saint June 23 : St. Etheldreda of Ely the Patron of Widows and Sore Throat or Necks
Saint June 24 : Birth of St. John the Baptist the Patron of Baptism , Epilepsy and Motorways
Saint June 24 : St. María Guadalupe García Zavala (1878-1963) who Broke Off her Engagement as Jesus was Calling her to Love Him
Saint June 25 : St. William of Vercelli : Founder of de Monte-Vergine
Saint June 26 : St. Josemaria Escriva the Founder of Opus Dei and Patron of Diabetics and Ordinary Life
Saint June 27: Our Lady of Perpetual Help - who Never gives up helping You!
Saint June 27 : St. Cyril of Alexandria a Famous Doctor of the Church who Died in 444 AD
Saint June 28 : St. Irenaeus of Lyons : Bishop and Father of the Church
Saint June 29 : St. Peter, Apostle and 1st Pope - the Patron of Fishermen, Bakers, and the Church
Saint June 29 : St. Paul : Apostle the Patron of Journalists and Evangelists
Saint June 30 : Protomartyrs of Rome - who suffered Death under Emperor Nero in Rome