SAINTS of September - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of September - Inspirational Saint Stories to SHARE!

Here is a list of inspiring Saint stories for the month of September. Click each link to find out more about these Holy heroes of the Faith!
Did You Know September is Dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows with Special Promises and Powerful Prayers to Share!

Saint September 1 : St. Giles the Patron of Breast Cancer , Beggars and Disabled with Novena Prayer

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Saint September 4 : St. Rosalia who lived in a Cave and Ended the Plague

Saint September 5 : St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta the Founder of the Missionaries of Charity - Short Biography + Novena Prayer

Saint September 6 : St. Eleutherius the Bishop of Tournai who Died 585

Saint September 7 : St. Cloud - Son of King Clovis and Prince of France who Consecrated himself to the service of God

Saint September 8 : Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus - Happy Birthday #MotherMary!

Saint September 16 : St. Cyprian the Church Father who Converted from Paganism and became a Bishop and Martyr from Africa

Saint September 16 : St. Cornelius a Pope and Patron of Fever, Pets and Earache

Saint September 17 : Saint Hildegard von Bingen a Doctor of the Church and Patron of Music, Medicine who Founded a Monastery

Saint September 18 : St. Joseph of Cupertino the Saint who could Fly and the Patron of Students, Pilots and Mentally Handicapped

Saint September 19 : St. Januarius the Patron of Blood banks and Volcanic eruptions

Saint September 20 : St. Andrew Kim Taegon and Companions Martyrs and Patron Korean Clergy

Saint September 21 : St. Matthew the Apostle and Patron of Accountants, Taxes, Bankers whose Symbol is a Winged Man

Saint September 22 : St. Thomas of Villanova in Valencia Spain and an Augustinian Bishop

Saint September 23 : St. Pio of Pietrelcina - the Priest who bore the wounds of Christ and could see his Guardian Angel - #PadrePio

Saint September 24 : Our Lady of Mercy or Ransom who Appeared in a Vision to Save Christian Captives - with Novena Prayer

Saint September 24 : St. Pacific of San Severino a Franciscan who became Blind and Deaf

Saint September 25 : St. Finbarr a Bishop of Ireland who was Buried in the Cathedral he Built in Cork