Saints of April - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of April - Inspiring Stories to Share!

Here is a List of Saint Stories for the month of April; Click each title to learn more about these inspiring holy heroes!
April is a month dedicated to the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit.
Saint April 1 : St. Hugh of Grenoble a Carthusian known for Preaching and his Generosity to the Poor

Saint April 2 : St. Francis of Paola who had the Gift of Prophecy and Founder of the Order of Minims

Saint April 2 : St. Mary of Egypt a Former Prostitute who Repented and lived as a Hermitess in the Desert

Saint April 3 : St. Richard : Bishop and Confessor : Patron of Coachmen

Saint April 3 : St. Luigi Scrosoppi the Patron Saint of Football and Founder of the Congregation of Providence

Saint April 4 : St. Isidore of Seville a Bishop of Spain and Patron of the Internet with Prayer

Saint April 5 : St. Vincent Ferrer a Dominican who was known for Prophecy and Patron of Builders, construction workers, Plumbers

Saint April 6 : St. William of Eskilsoe a French Abbot and Confessor who died in 1203

Saint April 7 : St. John Baptist de la Salle the Patron of Teachers, Educators, School principals with Prayer

Saint April 8 : St. Julia Billiart the Patron of Poverty, Sick people and Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame

Saint April 9 : St. Mary Cleophas : Mother of St. James the Less Apostle

Saint April 10 : St. Fulbert Bishop of Chartres who Rebuilt the Cathedral when it Burned Down and was Devoted to Mary

Saint April 10 : Magdalena of Canossa (1774-1835) - Foundress of the Canossian Family who Helped the Poor

Saint April 11 : St. Stanislaus : Patron of Poland, Soldiers in battle : Bishop and Martyr

Saint April 11 : St. Gemma Galgani - Patron of Students, Pharmacists, Tuberculosis patients, love and hope

Saint April 12 : Saint Julius I : Pope who convened the synod at Rome 

Saint April 12 : St. Zeno : Patron of Fishermen and Newborn Babies

Saint April 13 : Pope St. Martin I : Martyr - Died 655

Saint April 13 : Blessed Margaret of Castello - Abandoned by her Parents due to her Disabilities - Patron of the Ugly with Novena Prayer

Saint April 14 : St. Lydwine of Schiedam - Patron of Ice Skaters and Chronically Ill

Saint April 15 : St. Hunna of Strasbourg who would Wash the clothing of the Poor and the Patron of Laundry and Maids

Saint April 16 : St. Benedict Joseph Labre who was a Beggar and the Patron of Mental illness, Bachelors and Homeless

Saint April 16 : St. Bernadette Soubirous the Visionary of Lourdes and Patron of Sick and Poor - whose Body is Incorrupt

Saint April 17 : St. Stephen Harding : Abbot of Citeaux and a Confessor

Saint April 17 : St. Kateri Tekakwitha the “Lily of the Mohawks” and Patron of Ecology and Natives and Mohawks (in Canada)

Saint April 18 : St. Apollonius the Apologist a Martyr of Rome

Saint April 19 : St. Leo IX : Pope who established Peace and Died 1054

Saint April 20 : St. Agnes of Montepulciano a Dominican Nun and Foundress who became a Prioress at Age 15

Saint April 21 : St. Anselm a Doctor of the Church and Archbishop of Canterbury who Argued for the Existence of God

Saint April 22 : St. Opportuna a Virgin and Abbess whose brother was a Saintly Bishop

Saint April 23 : St. Adalbert of Prague an Archbishop and Patron of Poland and Bohemia

Saint April 23 : St. George a Martyr and Patron of Soldiers, Skin Diseases, Shepherds, and Equestrians

Saint April 24 : St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen who spent Hours in Prayer before the Eucharist and Patron of Travelers

Saint April 25 : St. Mark Evangelist who is Represented by a Lion and the Patron of Lawyers and Prisoners

Feast April 26 : Our Lady of Good Counsel with short History and Novena Prayer to Share!

Saint April 26 : St. Marcellinus Pope and Martyr

Saint April 27 : St. Zita : Patron of Servants, Homemakers , Rape victims, Waitresses

Saint April 28 St. Louis de Montfort - Established True Devotion to Mary

Saint April 28 St. Gianna Beretta Molla - Patron of Unborn Babies , Mothers , and Physicians

Saint April 29 : St. Catherine of Siena - Doctor of the Church - Patron of Television, Nurses and Europe

Saint April 30 : St. Pius V a Dominican Pope and Reformer who helped the Poor and Died 1572

Saint April 30 : St. Marie de l'Incarnation and Founder of the Ursulines in Canada