Pope Francis says "If everyone gives what they have to offer, everyone's life will become richer...What God gives us, he also and always gives us so that we will share it with others..." to German Convention

MESSAGE OF THE HOLY FATHER FOR THE 102nd GERMAN CATHOLIC CONVENTION (KATHOLIKENTAG) [Stuttgart, 25-29 May 2022] ____________________________________ Dear brothers and sisters, I warmly greet all of you who have gathered in Stuttgart on the occasion of the 102nd  Katholikentag  to honour God and to bear witness together to the joy of the Gospel. "Sharing life". That is the motto of these days. God is the Creator and Maker of all life. He has breathed his breath of life into humanity. Often, and in many ways, he shares his divine life with humanity, and in his Son Jesus Christ this "sharing of life" of God reaches its unsurpassable apex: he shares our earthly life to enable us to participate in his divine life. That is why he descends into the depths of our humanity. He addresses his special love to the poor and suffering; he even identifies himself with them (cf. Mt 25). Thus, in these days, we are close to the people in Ukraine in our thoughts, and we pray for all p

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