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July a Month Devoted to the Precious Blood of Jesus - #Novena to the Precious Blood - Powerful Prayers to SHARE - Litany - Chaplet

These Prayers are Especially Powerful in July the Month of the Precious Blood of Jesus - There is Powerful Evil in the World - We Need to PRAY More - Share these Prayers Change the World!OFFICIAL LITANY OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Jesus, hear us.

God, the Father of Heaven,
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
God, the Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity, One God, 
Blood of Christ, only-begotten Son of the Eternal Father,
Blood of Christ, Incarnate Word of God,
Blood of Christ, of the New and Eternal Testament,
Blood of Christ, falling upon the earth in the Agony,
Blood of Christ, shed profusely in the Scourging,
Blood of Christ, flowing forth in the Crowning with Thorns,
Blood of Christ, poured out on the Cross,
Blood of Christ, price of our salvation,
Blood of Christ, without which there is no forgiveness.
Blood of Christ, Eucharistic drink and refreshment of souls,
Blood of Christ, stream of mercy,
Blood of Christ, victor over demons,
Blood of Christ, courage of Martyrs,
Blood of Christ, strength of Confessors,
Blood of Christ, bringing forth Virgins,
Blood of Christ, help of those in peril,
Blood of Christ, relief of the burdened,
Blood of Christ, solace in sorrow,
Blood of Christ, hope of the penitent,
Blood of Christ, consolation of the dying,
Blood of Christ, peace and tenderness of hearts,
Blood of Christ, pledge of eternal life,
Blood of Christ, freeing souls from purgatory,
Blood of Christ, most worthy of all glory and honor,

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
You have redeemed us, O Lord, in your Blood.
Lord, have mercy
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy

Jesus, graciously hear us.

Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us.
Have mercy on us.
Have mercy on us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.
Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.
Save us.

Save us.
Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Save us.

Spare us, O Lord

Graciously hear us, O Lord.

have mercy on us.

And made us, for our God, a kingdom.
Let us pray, ---  Almighty and eternal God, you have appointed your only-begotten Son the Redeemer of the world, and willed to be appeased by his Blood. Grant we beg of you, that we may worthily adore this price of our salvation, and through its power be safeguarded from the evils of the present life, so that we may rejoice in its fruits forever in heaven. Through the same Christ our Lord. 

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V. Deus in adjutorium meum intende.
R. Domine ad adiuvandum me festina.
V. Gloria Patri, &c.
R. Sicut erat, &c.


The first time our loving Saviour shed His Precious Blood for its was on the eighth day after His birth, when He was circumcised in order to accomplish the law of Moses. While, then, we reflect that Jesus did this to satisfy the justice of God for our dissolute lives, let us excite ourselves to true sorrow for them, and promise, with the help of his all-powerful grace, to be henceforth truly chaste in body and in soul.

Five Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri.

V. Te ergo quaesumus tuis famulis subveni, quos pretioso Sanguine redemisti.
We beseech Thee, therefore, help Thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood.


Next, in the Garden of Olives, Jesus shed His Blood for us in such quantity that it bathed the earth around. Thus took place at the sight of the ingratitude with which men would meet His love. O, let us, then, repent sincerely because we have hitherto corresponded so ill with the innumerable benefits of our God, and resolve to make good use of His graces and holy inspirations.

Five Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri.

V. Te ergo quaesumus, &c.


Next, in His cruel scourging, Jesus shed His Blood, when His flesh was so torn that rivers of Blood flowed from His body in every part, all of which He offered all the time to His Eternal Father in payment of our impatience and our delicacy. How is it, then, we do not curb our anger and our self-love?  Henceforth we will indeed try our very best to bear our troubles well, and, despising ourselves, to take peacefully the injuries which men may do us.

Five Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri.

V. Te ergo quaesumus, &c.


Again, from the sacred Head of Jesus Blood poured down when it was crowned with thorns, in punishment of our pride and evil thoughts. Shall we, then, continue to nurture haughtiness, foster foul imaginations, and feed the wayward will in our minds?  Henceforth let there be ever before our eyes our utter nothingness, our misery, and our weakness; and with generous hearts let its resist all the wicked suggestions of the devil.

Five Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri.

V. Te ergo quaesumus, &c.


But O! how much of His Precious Blood did our loving Lord pour forth from His veins when laden with the heavy wood of the cross.  He made His mournful way to Calvary, so that the streets and ways of Jerusalem, through which He passed, were watered with it! this was done in satisfaction for the scandals and the bad examples by which His own creatures had led others astray on the way to ruin.  Who can tell how many of us are of this unhappy number?  Who knows how many he himself alone has by his own bad example brought down to hell?  And have we done anything to remedy this evil? L et us henceforth at least endeavour all we can to save souls by word and by example, making ourselves a pattern to all of good and holy life.

Five Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri.

V. Te ergo quaesumus, &c.


Still more copiously the Redeemer of mankind shed Blood in His barbarous Crucifixion; when His veins being rent and arteries burst, there gushed forth in a torrent, from His hands and His feet, that saving balm of life eternal, to pay for all the crimes and enormities of the universe. Who ever after this would continue in sin, and so renew the cruel crucifixion of the Son of God?  Let us weep bitterly for our bad deeds, and let us detest them at the feet of the sacred minister of God; let us amend our evil ways, and henceforth begin a truly Christian life, with the thought ever in our hearts of all the Blood which our eternal salvation cost the Saviour of men.

Five Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri.

V. Te ergo quaesumus, &c.


Last of all, after His death, when His sacred Side was opened by the lance and His loving Heart was wounded, Jesus shed Blood, and with the Blood there came forth water, to show us how the Blood was all poured out to the last drop for our salvation. O the infinite goodness of our Redeemer!  Who will not love Thee, my Saviour?  What heart will not consume itself away for love of Thee, who hast done all this for our redemption?  The tongue wants words to praise Thee: let us, then, invite all creatures upon earth, all angels and all saints in Paradise, and, most of all, our dear Mother Mary, to bless, to praise, and to celebrate Thy most Precious Blood.  Glory to the Blood of Jesus! Glory to the Blood of Jesus now and ever throughout all ages.  Amen.

At this last Mystery three Pater noster's and one Gloria Patri are to be said, to make up the number of thirty-three.

V. Te ergo quaesumus, &c.

Then say the following

Most Precious Blood of life eternal! price and ransom of the whole universe! drink and bath of the soul! ever pleading the cause of man before the throne of heavenly Mercy; I adore Thee most profoundly: I would, if I were able, make Thee some compensation for the outrages and wrongs Thou dost ever suffer from men, and especially from those who in their rashness dare to blaspheme Thee. Who will not bless this Blood of value infinite? who does not feel himself inflamed with the love of Jesus, who shed it all for us? What should I be but for this Blood, which hath redeemed me? And who drew it out of the veins of my Lord, even unto the last drop? It was love. O immense love, which gave to us this saving Balsam! O Balsam beyond all price, streaming forth from the Fount of immeasurable love! Give to all hearts, all tongues, power to praise, celebrate, and thank Thee, now and ever, and throughout all eternity. Amen.

V. Redemisti nos, Domine, in Sanguine tuo.
R. Et fecisti nos Deo nostro regnum.

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui Unigenitum Filium tuum mundi Redemptorem constituisti, ac ejus Sanguine placari voluisti: concede nobis, quaesumus, salutis nostrae pretium ita venerari, atque praesentis vitae malis ejus virtute defendi in terris, ut fructu perpetuo laetemur in coelis. Qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate, &c. Amen.


V. Then hast redeemed us, O Lord, with Thy Blood.
R. And hast made us a kingdom to our God.

Let us pray.
Almighty and Everlasting God, who hast appointed Thine only-begotten Son the Saviour of the world, and hast willed to be appeased with His Blood; grant us, we beseech Thee, so to venerate this Blood, the price of our salvation, and so to be defended by its power upon earth from the evils of this present life, that in heaven we may enjoy its everlasting fruit. Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

 By the Voice of your Blood, O Jesus, I would press you, solicit you, importune you. Though you seem to reject my supplications I will not leave your bleeding feet until you hear me. Too many graces, too many mercies flow from your Blood for me not to hope in its efficacy.
 Then, O Jesus, by the Precious Blood seven times shed for the welfare of all, by each drop of that sacred price of our redemption, by the tears of your immaculate mother,
 I implore you, hear my earnest prayer. (here specify your request)
 O Jesus, during all the days of your mortal life you consoled so many sufferers, healed so many infirmities, raised so often a sinking courage, you will not fail to have pity on one who cries to you from the depths of anguish. Oh! No, it is impossible.
Another profound sigh from my heart, and from the wound in your own there will flow to me upon a wave of your merciful Blood the grace so ardently desired. O Jesus, Jesus, hasten the moment when you will change my tears into joy, my sighs into thanksgiving. Holy Mary, source of the divine Blood, I implore you not to lose this occasion of glorifying the Blood which made you immaculate. Amen. Say 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be each day.

Wow Pope Francis Surprises Poor and Homeless by Joining in and Chatting at Free Meal

Pope Francis surprises poor and homeless at new cardinal’s dinner
As new Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the pope’s alms giver, was treating the poor and homeless of Rome to a dinner Friday night, Pope Francis surprised them with a visit and joined their celebration as a guest. There was great celebration on Friday in the Vatican when some 280 poor people were invited to a dinner by new Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the official almsgiver of the Pope, who was made cardinal by Pope Francis at the Consistory the previous day, June 28th.

The Pope's surprise visit

Pope Francis surprised Cardinal Krajewski, his guests and volunteers with a visit and joined them at table at the Vatican employees’ canteen.  "I came for the poor, not for you," a smiling Pope told Cardinal Krajewski, popularly known as Fr. Corrado (instead of Konrad) to the poor he serves on behalf of the Pope.
The Holy Father dined with the poor and spent about two hours chatting with them as if in a family, listening to their stories that often told of suffering but also of hope.

Volunteers of Sant’Egidio

There were about 60 volunteers serving dinner to the poor, including Carlo Santoro of the Community of Sant'Egidio of Rome, who collaborates with Cardinal Krajewki’s Office of Papal Charities, to assist the homeless in Rome.  
"It was a specially warm visit because it was a dinner of the new cardinal with the poor,” Santoro said.  “To the surprise of all, the Holy Father arrived. We thought it was a simple greeting and he would be off soon,” he said.  The new cardinal turned to Santoro asking him to make room close to him for the Pope. 
Santoro said the Pope greeted everyone with great affection.  At the Pope’s table were several Syrian refugees who had arrived through the efforts of  the Sant'Egidio Community.  One of them travelled to Rome with the Pope after his visit to the Greek island of Lesbos on April 16, 2016.  The man told the Pope he is now working and is integrated in Italy.

Talking with refugees

Santoro heard the Pope saying that several times in recent months he has met refugees from Lebanon and was struck by the fact that children were the first to speak Italian.  For the Pope, integration is fundamental which is not just welcome.  Where there is no job, the Pope said, there is no integration because without job there is no future.  
Santoro said that at the table there was another refugee who narrated to the Pope how he arrived in Italy.  It was an 11-month journey through the desert, a journey full of dangers and pitfalls.  He has been in Italy for some years and he too has been integrated.
Another guest from Senegal, a Muslim, told him that this was the third time at a meal with the Pope.    He had been with both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI for lunch, and this was the third time. Pope Francis jokingly told him, “Make a collection of Popes!”

The Pope's neighbours

Santoro said that they introduced to the Pope some of the homeless who sleep around St. Peter’s Square at night and collaborate with them every day.  Santoro said the Pope was very affectionate to his neighbours.  Cardinal Krajeswki explained to the Pope that they collaborate a lot such as for the funeral of someone who dies in the streets.   

Pope worry for children in Texas

The volunteer of Sant’Egidio Community noted the Pope was touched by and enjoyed the presence of children around him.  The Pope blessed a Syrian baby girl, born a few months ago, who was baptized on June 28.  Talking with the volunteers, the Holy Father expressed his worry over the issue of children being separated from their mothers in Texas, United States. 
The Pope repeated that Europe was on the verge of suicide because by not accepting immigrants and not having children gave the continent no hope for the future.  He noted this worrying trend in other parts of the world, particularly in the US. Ex-prisoners, alcoholics

Santoro, the Sant’Egidio Community volunteer said the Pope also talked to some former prisoners, repeating something that he has often said: “But why not me?”, meaning he could have been in their shoes. 
When the volunteers told Pope Francis the story of a homeless, alcoholic man, the Holy Father said, “Alcohol could affect any of us because it's an evil that kidnaps you, an evil that doesn't leave you, it's an evil that you can only get out of with the help of others.”  Our problem, even as a Church, is to help people come out of difficult situations and do so together, the Pope said.

Poor helping poor

The Holy Father was very moved to hear that many homeless people help the volunteers help others like them.  The Pope heard how during severe cold snap early this year, many a homeless helped in distributing blankets. SHARED from Vatican News 

Pope Francis "It is a matter of relying above all on the "superabundance of love" expressed in the Blood of the Lord..." FULL TEXT


Paul VI Hall
Saturday, 30 June 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

On the eve of the month of July, in which Christian piety addresses the Blood of Christ in a special way, I am pleased to meet the Societies of Apostolic Life and the male and female religious Institutes, with their respective lay associations, which are inspired by spirituality of the Blood of Jesus. I greet you all with affection and I thank Father Terenzio Pastore and Sister Nicla Spezzati for the words with which they introduced this meeting, promoted by the Unione Sanguis Christi.

Since the beginnings of Christianity, the mystery of love of the Blood of Christ has fascinated many people. Even your Founding and Founding Saints have cultivated this devotion, placing it at the foundation of your Constitutions, because they have understood in the light of faith that the Blood of Christ is the source of salvation for the world. God has chosen the sign of blood, because no other sign is so eloquent to express the supreme love of life given to others. This gift is repeated in every Eucharistic celebration, in which it is made present, together with the Body of Christ, its precious Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, poured out for all in remission of sins (cf. Mt 26,27).

The meditation of the sacrifice of Christ leads us to do works of mercy, giving our life for God and the brothers without saving. Meditation of the mystery of the Blood of Christ poured out on the cross for our redemption urges us, in particular, towards those who could be cured in their moral and physical suffering and are instead left to languish on the margins of a society of consumption and indifference. It is in this perspective that your service to the Church and to society is highlighted in all its importance. For my part, I suggest three aspects that can help you in your activity and in your testimony: the courage of truth; attention to everyone, especially to those who are far away; the ability to fascinate and communicate.

The courage of the truth. It is important to be brave people, build courageous communities that are not afraid to stand up to affirm the values ​​of the Gospel and the truth about the world and man. It is a matter of speaking plainly and not turning away from the other side in the face of attacks on the value of human life from conception to its natural sunset, facing the dignity of the human person, facing social ills, in the face of the various forms of poverty. The testimony of the disciples of Jesus is called to touch the lives of the parishes and neighborhoods, not to leave indifferent but to affect, transforming the hearts and lives of people.

The second aspect is attention to everyone, especially to those who are far away. In your mission you are called to reach out to everyone, to make you understand by everyone, to be "popular" using a language through which everyone can understand the message of the Gospel. The recipients of the love and goodness of Jesus are all: the neighbors, but above all the distant ones. Therefore, we need to identify the most suitable forms to be able to bring together a multiplicity of people in homes, in social environments and in the street. To do this, you have before you the example of Jesus and of the disciples who walked the streets of Palestine announcing the Kingdom of God with so many signs of healing that confirmed the Word. Strive to be an image of a Church that walks the street, among the people, even risking in the first person, sharing the joys and hardships of those you meet.

The third aspect that I suggest for your testimony is the ability to fascinate and communicate. It is aimed especially at preaching, catechesis, and the itineraries for deepening the Word of God. It is a matter of arousing greater and greater involvement in offering and making the contents of the Christian faith savor, urging us to a new life in Christ. The Gospel and the Holy Spirit evoke words and gestures that make hearts burn and help them to open themselves to God and to others. For this ministry of the Word, we can draw inspiration from the attitude with which Jesus dialogued with people to reveal his mystery to everyone, to fascinate ordinary people with high and demanding teachings. The strength of this attitude is hidden "in that gaze of Jesus towards the people, beyond its weaknesses and falls:" Do not be afraid, little flock, because your Father has liked to give you the Kingdom "(Lk 12.32 ) "(Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, 141). Imitating the style with which Jesus preached, helps us to approach others by making them perceive the tenderness of God. I believe that we live a time in which it is necessary to carry forward the revolution of tenderness.

Here are three features that can be useful for your journey of faith and your apostolate. But let us not forget that the true strength of Christian witness comes from the Gospel itself. And this is where the centrality of the Blood of Christ and its spirituality emerges. It is a matter of relying above all on the "superabundance of love" expressed in the Blood of the Lord, which brought to light the Church Fathers and the great saints and mystics of Christian history, from Saint Bonaventure to Saint Catherine of Siena, up to a Saint especially dear to you: San Gaspare del Bufalo. This Roman priest, founder of the Missionaries of the Most Precious Blood, endeavored to keep alive the ardor of faith in the Christian people by traveling through the regions of central Italy. With the example of his love for God, his humility, his charity, he was able to bring reconciliation and peace everywhere, meeting the spiritual and material needs of the most fragile people who lived on the margins of society. Dear brothers and sisters, it is in Christ that we find the sure principle of our existence: He is our fundamental and definitive hope. In the journey of your communities, priority goes to prayer, to listening to the Word of God, to contemplation, and to docile obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Communion and collaboration grow among you, indispensable conditions for the apostolic mandate received from the Lord to bring abundant spiritual fruits for the benefit of the whole people of God. I accompany these wishes with my prayerful remembrance for you and your mission and, As I ask you to pray for me, I cordially impart my Apostolic Blessing to you.

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Saturday June 30, 2018 - #Eucharist

Saturday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 376

Reading 1LAM 2:2, 10-14, 18-19

The Lord has consumed without pity
all the dwellings of Jacob;
He has torn down in his anger
the fortresses of daughter Judah;
He has brought to the ground in dishonor
her king and her princes.

On the ground in silence sit
the old men of daughter Zion;
They strew dust on their heads
and gird themselves with sackcloth;
The maidens of Jerusalem
bow their heads to the ground.

Worn out from weeping are my eyes,
within me all is in ferment;
My gall is poured out on the ground
because of the downfall of the daughter of my people,
As child and infant faint away
in the open spaces of the town.

In vain they ask their mothers,
"Where is the grain?"
As they faint away like the wounded
in the streets of the city,
And breathe their last
in their mothers' arms.

To what can I liken or compare you,
O daughter Jerusalem?
What example can I show you for your comfort,
virgin daughter Zion?
For great as the sea is your downfall;
who can heal you?

Your prophets had for you
false and specious visions;
They did not lay bare your guilt,
to avert your fate;
They beheld for you in vision
false and misleading portents.

Cry out to the Lord;
moan, O daughter Zion!
Let your tears flow like a torrent
day and night;
Let there be no respite for you,
no repose for your eyes.

Rise up, shrill in the night,
at the beginning of every watch;
Pour out your heart like water
in the presence of the Lord;
Lift up your hands to him
for the lives of your little ones
Who faint from hunger
at the corner of every street.

Responsorial PsalmPS 74:1B-2, 3-5, 6-7, 20-21

R. (19b) Lord, forget not the souls of your poor ones.
Why, O God, have you cast us off forever?
Why does your anger smolder against the sheep of your pasture?
Remember your flock which you built up of old,
the tribe you redeemed as your inheritance,
Mount Zion, where you took up your abode.
R. Lord, forget not the souls of your poor ones.
Turn your steps toward the utter ruins;
toward all the damage the enemy has done in the sanctuary.
Your foes roar triumphantly in your shrine;
they have set up their tokens of victory.
They are like men coming up with axes to a clump of trees.
R. Lord, forget not the souls of your poor ones.
With chisel and hammer they hack at all the paneling of the sanctuary.
They set your sanctuary on fire;
the place where your name abides they have razed and profaned.
R. Lord, forget not the souls of your poor ones.
Look to your covenant,
for the hiding places in the land and the plains are full of violence.
May the humble not retire in confusion;
may the afflicted and the poor praise your name.
R. Lord, forget not the souls of your poor ones.

AlleluiaMT 8:17

R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Christ took away our infirmities
and bore our diseases.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

GospelMT 8:5-17

When Jesus entered Capernaum,
a centurion approached him and appealed to him, saying,
"Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, suffering dreadfully."
He said to him, "I will come and cure him."
The centurion said in reply,
"Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof;
only say the word and my servant will be healed.
For I too am a man subject to authority,
with soldiers subject to me.
And I say to one, 'Go,' and he goes;
and to another, 'Come here,' and he comes;
and to my slave, 'Do this,' and he does it."
When Jesus heard this, he was amazed and said to those following him,
"Amen, I say to you, in no one in Israel have I found such faith.
I say to you, many will come from the east and the west,
and will recline with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
at the banquet in the Kingdom of heaven,
but the children of the Kingdom
will be driven out into the outer darkness,
where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth."
And Jesus said to the centurion,
"You may go; as you have believed, let it be done for you."
And at that very hour his servant was healed.

Jesus entered the house of Peter,
and saw his mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever.
He touched her hand, the fever left her,
and she rose and waited on him.

When it was evening, they brought him many
who were possessed by demons,
and he drove out the spirits by a word and cured all the sick,
to fulfill what had been said by Isaiah the prophet:

He took away our infirmities and bore our diseases.

Saint June 30 : Protomartyrs of Rome - #Rome

Feast: June 30

Information: Feast Day:June 30
Many martyrs who suffered death under Emperor Nero (r. 54-68). Owing to their executions durin the reign of Nero, they are called the Neronian Martyrs, and they are also termed "the Protomartys of Rome," being honored by the site in the Vatican City called the Piazza of the Protomartyrs. These early Christians were disciples of the Apostles, and they endured hideous tortures and ghastly deaths following the burning of Rome in the infamous fire of 62. Their dignity in suffering, and their fervor to the end, did not provide Nero or the Romans with the public diversion desired. Instead, the faith was firmly planted in the Eternal City.

(Taken from Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Saints)