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Saint August 24 : St. Bartholomew - #Apostle - Patron of #Nerves, #Bookbinders and Cobblers


Feast Day:
August 24
1st century AD, Iudaea Province (Palaestina)
1st century AD, Armenia
Major Shrine:
Bartholomew-on-the-Tiber Church, Rome, the Canterbury Cathedral, cathedral in Frankfurt, and the San Bartolomeo Cathedral in Lipari
Patron of:
Armenia; bookbinders; butchers; cobblers; Florentine cheese merchants; Florentine salt merchants; leather workers; nervous diseases; neurological diseases; plasterers; shoemakers; tanners; trappers; twitching; whiteners
One of the Twelve Apostles, mentioned sixth in the three Gospel lists (Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:14), and seventh in the list of Acts (1:13).
The name (Bartholomaios) means "son of Talmai" (or Tholmai) which was an ancient Hebrew name, borne, e.g. by the King of Gessur whose daughter was a wife of David (2 Samuel 3:3). It shows, at least, that Bartholomew was of Hebrew descent; it may have been his genuine proper name or simply added to distinguish him as the son of Talmai. Outside the instances referred to, no other mention of the name occurs in the New Testament.
Nothing further is known of him for certain. Many scholars, however, identify him with Nathaniel (John 1:45-51; 21:2). The reasons for this are that Bartholomew is not the proper name of the Apostle; that the name never occurs in the Fourth Gospel, while Nathaniel is not mentioned in the synoptics; that Bartholomew's name is coupled with Philip's in the lists of Matthew and Luke, and found next to it in Mark, which agrees well with the fact shown by St. John that Philip was an old friend of Nathaniel's and brought him to Jesus; that the call of Nathaniel, mentioned with the call of several Apostles, seems to mark him for the apostolate, especially since the rather full and beautiful narrative leads one to expect some important development; that Nathaniel was of Galilee where Jesus found most, if not all, of the Twelve; finally, that on the occasion of the appearance of the risen Savior on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias, Nathaniel is found present, together with several Apostles who are named and two unnamed Disciples who were, almost certainly, likewise Apostles (the word "apostle" not occurring in the Fourth Gospel and "disciple" of Jesus ordinarily meaning Apostle) and so, presumably, was one of the Twelve. This chain of circumstantial evidence is ingenious and pretty strong; the weak link is that, after all, Nathaniel may have been another personage in whom, for some reason, the author of the Fourth Gospel may have been particularly interested, as he was in Nicodemus, who is likewise not named in the synoptics.
No mention of St. Bartholomew occurs in ecclesiastical literature before Eusebius, who mentions that Pantaenus, the master of Origen, while evangelizing India, was told that the Apostle had preached there before him and had given to his converts the Gospel of St. Matthew written in Hebrew, which was still treasured by the Church. "India" was a name covering a very wide area, including even Arabia Felix. Other traditions represent St. Bartholomew as preaching in Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Armenia, Lycaonia, Phrygia, and on the shores of the Black Sea; one legend, it is interesting to note, identifies him with Nathaniel.
The manner of his death, said to have occurred at Albanopolis in Armenia, is equally uncertain; according to some, he was beheaded, according to others, flayed alive and crucified, head downward, by order of Astyages, for having converted his brother, Polymius, King of Armenia. On account of this latter legend, he is often represented in art (e.g. in Michelangelo's Last Judgment) as flayed and holding in his hand his own skin. His relics are thought by some to be preserved in the church of St. Bartholomew-in-the-Island, at Rome. His feast is celebrated on 24 August. An apocryphal gospel of Bartholomew existed in the early ages.
source EWTN

#PopeFrancis "We need Jesus: to be with Him, to nourish ourselves at His table, His words of eternal life!" at Angelus FULL TEXT/Video

 Below is a translation of Pope Francis’ address before and after the recitation of the Angelus prayer today at noon to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square:
*** Before the Angelus
Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!
Today, we conclude the reading from the Gospel of John’s sixth chapter, with the discourse on the "Bread of Life", which Jesus delivered in the aftermath of the miracle of multiplication of the loaves and fish. At the end of that discourse, the great enthusiasm of the day before faded because Jesus had said He was the Bread which came down from Heaven, and that He would give His flesh as food and His blood as drink, alluding very clearly to the sacrifice of His own life. Those words provoked disappointment in the people, who considered them unworthy of the Messiah, not "winning." So some watched Jesus as a Messiah who was supposed to speak and act in a way that His mission would be successful, right away! But right here, they make an error: on the understanding of the mission of the Messiah! Even the disciples failed to accept the language, the disturbing language of the Lord. And today's passage refers to their discomfort, "This saying is hard; who can accept it?” (Jn 6:60).
In reality, they have understood the words of Jesus. So well that they don’t want to listen to it, because it is a discourse which undermines their way of thinking. And the words of Jesus always make us uncomfortable. They make us uncomfortable, for example, with regard to the spirit of the world, of worldliness. However, Jesus offers the key to overcome difficulties; a key made of three elements. First, His divine origin: He came down from Heaven and will go "to where He was before" (v. 62). Second, His words can be understood only through the action of the Holy Spirit, the One "that gives life" (v. 63). And it is really the Holy Spirit that makes us understand well His words. Third, the real cause of misunderstanding of His words is lack of faith: "There are some of you who do not believe" (v. 64), says Jesus. From that time, the Gospel says, "many [of] His disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied Him." (v. 66). Faced with these defections, Jesus does not take back or soften His words, in fact, He forces us to make a clear choice: either to be with Him or separated from Him--and He says to the Twelve: "Do you also want to leave?" (v. 67).
At this point, Peter makes his confession of faith in the name of the other Apostles: "Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life" (v. 68). He does not say, "Where shall we go?," But "To whom shall we go?" He does not say “Where shall we go?” But “To whom shall we go!” The real problem here is not in going and abandoning the work that has been undertaken, but rather 'to whom' to go. From that question of Peter, we understand that loyalty to God is a matter of loyalty to a person with whom they are bound to walk together on the same road. And this person is Jesus. All that we have in the world does not satisfy our hunger for the infinite. We need Jesus: to be with Him, to nourish ourselves at His table, His words of eternal life! Believing in Jesus means to make Him the center, the meaning of our life. Christ is not an accessory element: He is the "living bread", the indispensable nourishment. Attaching ourselves to Him, in a real relationship of faith and love, does not mean being chained, but being profoundly free, always on a journey, open to the challenges of our time. Each of us can ask ourselves now: “Who is Jesus for me?” A name? An idea? Only some historic person, or someone who loves me, who gave His life for me, and walks with me? Who is Jesus for you? Do you try to get to know Him? Do you remain with his word? … Do you bring your pocket-Gospel with you to read it in whatever place you are in? Because the more we are with Him, the more our desire to be with Him grows. Now let’s take a moment of silence and each in his heart, can pose the question: Who is Jesus for me? In silence, each in his heart… [Silence] May the Virgin Mary help us to always "go" to Jesus to experience the freedom that He offers us, and that allows us to purify our choices from worldly incrustations and fear. After the Angelus:
Appeal for Ukraine Dear brothers and sisters, with deep concern, I follow the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which accelerated again in recent weeks. I renew my heartfelt appeal for the commitments undertaken to achieve peace might be respected; and that, with the help of organizations and persons of good will, there might be a response to the humanitarian emergency in the country. May the Lord grant peace to Ukraine, which will celebrate its national holiday [Independence Day] tomorrow. May Virgin Mary intercede for us!
I cordially greet all the Roman pilgrims and those from various countries, in particular the new seminarians of the Pontifical North American College in Rome as they embark upon their theological studies. I salute the sporting group of San Giorgio su Legnano, the faithful of Luzzana and Chioggia; boys and young people of the diocese of Verona.
I wish you all a good Sunday. And please, do not forget ...This week, stop for a little bit each day and pose the question: Who is Jesus for me? Each responding in his heart! To all, I wish a good Sunday! And please do not forget to pray for me! Good lunch and see you soon! Text only Shared from Zenit  [Translation by Deborah Castellano Lubov]

Free Catholic Movie - "Mary, Mother of Jesus" - #MotherMary - Stars Christian Bale

Mary, Mother of Jesus (1999) TV Movie - 88 min - Drama - 14 November 1999 (USA) Director: Kevin Connor Writer: Albert Ross Stars: Christian Bale, Pernilla August, Melinda Kinnaman - Movie is in English with SubTitles

#BreakingNews Over 300 Protests across US with 60,000 against #PlannedParenthood - SHARE

An historic protest was held at hundreds of Planned Parenthood Clinics Simultaneously in 50 States on August 22. The people were trying to expose Planned Parenthood's illegal trafficking in the remains of aborted children. 
Over 60,000 Thousand people attended these protests to create awareness of abortion and sale of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood clinics receive more than $500 million in taxpayer funding every year for its 700 clinics across the nation. In recent weeks undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress exposed the scandal. The protests were held on August 22, 2015 from 9:00am-11:00am
Eric Scheidler (organizer) of Pro-Life Action League:
"These videos are exposing the American people to the truth about Planned Parenthood and the truth about abortion. How can you deny the humanity of a tiny person whose body parts are being harvested for medical use? Worse yet, how can you make jokes about it, like the Planned Parenthood doctors do in these videos? It's time to cease all taxpayer funding of this corrupt organization."
#ProtestPP involves prayer, speakers and holding signs that read #PPSellSBabyParts. Organized by several pro-life organizations, the nationwide protest, known as the "National Day of Protest Against Planned Parenthood," was held outside hundreds of clinics. Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric J. Scheidler explained, "Our primary message is the shocking revelation that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. While this story has dominated the pro-life and Christian press over the past month, many regular Americans have still never heard about it," explained Scheidler. "They deserve to know the truth about Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives over half a billion dollars every year from taxpayers. It is time for this corrupt organization to be deprived of all taxpayer funding and investigated by the U.S. Justice Department."   Image Share FreeRepublic

#BreakingNews Protest against Abuse of Women and Children in #Bangladesh - Please Pray

Bangladesh Catholics form a human chain against abuse of children and women
by Sumon Corraya
In the first seven months of 2015, 347 cases of sexual and physical abuse have been recorded. In 2014, they were 227; 183 in 2013; and 91 in 2012. For the secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, "Children are the future of our nation. Instead they are becoming the victims."

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - We want "the government in Dhaka to ensure the safety of children and women, because we have recently seen a worrying increase in the sexual abuse and murder of minors. We want to see those who persecute women and children prosecuted and punished. The government should approve laws for their protection,” said Nirmal Rozario, general secretary of the Bangladesh Christians Association (BCA).
As one of about 500 Catholics who yesterday stood in front of the National Press Club in the capital in a human chain to protest against the growing violence against women and children in the country, he spoke to AsiaNews.
According to data by the Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF), in the first seven months of the year alone there have been 347 cases or attempts of sexual assault on minors. In 2014, they were 227, 183 in 2013, and 91 the year before. Most of the victims are aged 13 to 18.
In view of the situation, Bangladesh Catholics went public with their concern. To highlight it, the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace of the country (EC-JP), Caritas Bangladesh, and the BCA organised a long human chain.
"Children are the future of our nation,” said EC-JP secretary Fr Albert Thomas Rozario. “Instead, they are becoming victims. There are laws to protect them, but they are not enforced.”

In early August, a 22-year-old Muslim man raped a 12-year-old ethnic Garo Catholic girl. Another girl suffered an even worse fate: her employer tortured and killed her for working for a competitor. Likewise, two boys – 10 and 13 respectively – were beaten to death for allegedly stealing a fish and a van. Sadly, the list goes on with more victims of ill-treatment and abuse. Shared from AsiaNewsIT

Special #Prayers to St. Rose of Lima - Litany and Chaplet

Prayers to St. Rose of LimaPatroness Against Vanity, of Embroiderers, Florists, Gardeners,
Needle workers, and People Ridiculed for Their Piety

Prayer to St. Rose of Lima
Admirable Saint Rose, you were truly a sweet flower blooming on a rugged soil; you were indeed a rose among thorns, bearing with meekness and patience the stings of envious tongues, and preserving perfect purity and modesty amid the alluring blandishments of a deceitful world. To the sufferings inflicted on you by others you added the voluntary tortures of fasting and watching, of the discipline, of the crown of thorns and of the hair shirt, to subdue the flesh and to make yourself like to your heavenly Spouse. By the merits which you have thus gained with your divine Bridegroom, obtain for me the grace to bear my afflictions with patience, to remain pure and modest, to be meek and humble, to be faithful to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, and so to mortify my passions that I may be ever more pleasing and acceptable in the sight of my dear Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who liveth and reigneth world without end. Amen.

Chaplet of St. Rose
Beginning on the medal of St. Rose, pray: Glorious St. Rose of Lima, you who knew what it was to love Jesus with such a fine a generous heart. You, whom since infancy, despised the world’s vanities in order to embrace His Cross.  You who loved with unfailing devotion our Heavenly Mother and professed a great tender dedication to the destitute, serving then the same way Jesus did. Teach us to imitate your greatest virtues, so that we, following your example, could enjoy your glorious protection in Heaven. For Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever. Amen.
On the large bead, pray the Our Father
On the ten small beads, pray the Hail Mary
In conclusion, pray the Glory be
"Apart from the cross there is no other ladder by which we may get to heaven."
~ St. Rose of Lima

Litany of St. Rose of Lima

(For private recitation only)

Lord, have mercy on us!
Christ, have mercy on us!
Lord, have mercy on us!
Christ, hear us!
Christ, graciously hear us!

God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us!
God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us!
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us!

St. Rose of Lima, pray for us.*
Sweet-scented rose of piety and virtue,*
Servant of God perfectly united with your Master,*
Virgin espoused to God from your fifth year,*
Thorn-crowned spouse of our Divine Redeemer,*
Worthy daughter of St. Dominic,*
Faithful copy of St. Catherine of Siena,*
Lover of prayer and solitude,*
Merciful friend of the poor souls and of hardened sinners,*
Consoler of the sick and help of the needy,*
First among the saints of America,*
Powerful patroness of America,*
That we may love God with our whole heart,*
That we may fear God's chastisements,*
That by true penance, we may avert God's anger,*
That we may know and amend our faults,*
That we may take up our cross,*
That we may cheerfully endure the frailties of our neighbor,*
That we may heartily thank God for all our tribulations,*
That with our sufferings our love may increase,*
That, with contrite hearts and true devotion, we may ever prepare for Holy Communion,*
That we may not die an unprovided death,*
That we may, until death, daily increase in faith, hope, and charity,*

Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world,
Spare us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world,
Graciously hear us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world,
Have mercy on us, O Lord!

V. Pray for us, St. Rose.

R. that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

O dear St. Rose, by the excessive love that inundated your soul when you heard from the lips of Christ the loving words: "Rose of My heart, you shall be My spouse!"--obtain for us and for our children a true love for Jesus Christ and an ardent desire to be united with Him. May our hearts, enclosed in His Heart, seek nothing but the perfection of His virtues, the fullness of His grace, and the imitation of His example! Obtain for us patience in suffering; gentleness under offenses; humility in calumny and abuse; and in all the affairs of life a pure heart and a contented mind. Obtain for us constant and generous renunciation of our willful desires, perfect victory over evil inclination, perseverance in prayer and good works, that we may ever please our God and, in the end, attain to a share in His glory. Amen.