#BreakingNews 13 Catholic School Girls Attacked - Stabbed in Japan - Please Pray

Pope Francis at Mass explains "the Christian is always young..." but "..Sin ages: it ages. Ages the soul, ages everything."

#BreakingNews Catholic Church Set on Fire in Northern Ireland - Priest says he will Pray for Attackers

Wow the Oldest Known Prayer to Mary - "Sub Tuum" - We fly to thy Patronage in Beautiful Chant

Pope Francis says " the poor and be set free of the idolatry of money..." at Meeting on Climate Change Full Text

Italian Minister Matteo Salvini who Entrusted Italy to the Virgin Mary wins in EU elections

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - #Eucharist in Eastertide

Saint May 28 : St. Germanus the Abbot and Bishop of Paris

Saint May 28 : St. Bernard of Montjoux where we get the name of St Bernard Dogs and Patron of Skiers, Climbers