Saint April 24 : St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen : Patron of Travelers

#BreakingNews 10 People Killed and 15 Injured after Man Purposely Drives Van into Pedestrians in Toronto - Canada

#BreakingNews Hospital has Removed Vent giving Oxygen to Little Alfie Evans as Parents fight to Keep him Alive

Wow Pope Francis Celebrates his Name Day with the Poor and gives out 3000 Free Ice Creams

#BreakingNews Courts Rule Alfie to be given Lethal Chemical Drugs to Induce Death and Protesters try to Storm Hospital

Breathtaking Song "You Were There" Sung by Libera Choir - to Our Lady by Child Jesus - will touch your Heart! SHARE

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes for Censoring Catholic and Pro-Life Content at Congressional Hearing

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Monday April 23, 2018 - #Eucharist

Saint April 23 : St. Adalbert of Prague - Patron of Poland and Bohemia