Saint February 7 : St. Colette of Corbie : Foundress of Colettine Poor Clares

Breaking News Iraq Terrorists blow Up Immaculate Virgin Church - One of the Oldest Christian Churches

Breaking Death Toll in Ukraine reaches 5,300 in conflict with Russia - Please PRAY

Wow Dad does not give up Son born with Down Syndrome despite Mom's Ultimatum for Divorce...

Over 300 Muslims attack Catholic Community and Set Fire to all Homes - Please PRAY

#Vatican Building for Poor to get a Free Shower, Hair Cut,ToothBrush and Underwear - 7 Days a Week

Today's Mass Readings : Friday February 6, 2015

#PopeFrancis "First, I think of our martyrs, the martyrs of our times..." Homily

#PopeFrancis will make History as the 1st Pope to Address US Congress