Saint February 24 : Blessed Tommaso Maria Fusco who Opened a School in his Home and Founded the Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood

Saint February 24 : St. Ethelbert : King of Kent who Helped St. Augustine Convert a Heathen Temple into a Church and Died in 616

Saint February 24 : Blessed Luca Belludi a Franciscan Friar Converted by St. Anthony who had the Gift of Miracles

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Saint February 23 : Blessed Raffaella Ybarra a Wife and Mother who Became a Nun and Founder of Religious of the Guardian Angels

Quote to SHARE by St. Mother Teresa "As Lent is the time for greater love, listen to Jesus' thirst...'Repent and Believe' Jesus tells us..." #Lent

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True Story of Courage - Sophie Scholl and Friends Killed by Nazis for their Resistance Known as The White Rose

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