Saint February 9 : St. Apollina a Martyr and the Patron of Dentists and Tooth Ache

Pope Francis met with all Patriarchs of the Middle East and was given a plaque with the Our Father and Hail Mary in Aramaic.

Legionaries of Christ Elect New Director Fr. John Connor, LC and Council

Full Text Speech of US President Trump at 68th Prayer Breakfast "Prayer makes us strong...God alone is the author of life and the giver of grace." Video

World Day of Prayer, Reflection and Action Against Human Trafficking - Prayer and Resources from Bishops

A Priest in Pakistan shares his Vocation - in a Country where Christians are Persecuted an Encounter at Holy Mass Inspires!

Pope Francis tells Police and Security Guards " are called to combine...the indispensable rules public order and the peaceful development of life.."

Saint February 8 : St. Jerome Emiliani the Patron of Orphans and Founder of the Order of Somascha

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Saturday, February 8, 2020 - #Eucharist