Sunday Mass Online : Sun. December 22, 2019 - 4th of Advent - #Eucharist Readings + Video

Saint December 22 : St. Chaeremon a Bishop and Martyr during the anti-Christian persecution instituted by Emperor Trajanus Decius

Pope Francis' says "..we always need to let ourselves be renewed by the smile of the Child Jesus. Let His defenceless goodness purify us..." Christmas Greetings to Employees

Wow #PianoGuys make Beautiful Christmas Song for Lost Loved Ones with Video + Touching True Story behind to Share!

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Official Christmas Novena - Powerful Prayers with Plenary Indulgence - 5

Pope Francis quotes St. John Henry Newman "May each Christmas, as it comes, find us more and more like Him, who at this time became a little child for our sake, more simple-minded, more humble, more holy..." Full Text to Curia