Saint December 8 : Immaculate Conception of Mary : Solemnity

#PopeFrancis blessing of Nativity and Christmas Tree "May the Nativity of the Lord be the opportunity to be more attentive to the needs..." - FULL TEXT + Video

Pope Francis "Every day we give thanks to the Lord for what He does in our life;" at Holy Mass - FULL TEXT + Video

#PopeFrancis "Sing the authentic values of life and, through song, praise and thank God" to #Choir of Youth - Video + FULL TEXT

Pope Francis “Without love, peace is not truly peace; without love, the world descends into chaos” to Bishops of Taiwan

#PopeFrancis "It was important for us to meet first and foremost in prayer, for the gift of unity" to #Lutherans - FULL TEXT

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Thursday December 7, 2017 - #Eucharist