Saint October 25 : Blessed María Teresa Ferragud Roig de Masiá, and her 4 Daughters - A Family Martyred together in Spain

Saint October 25 : St. Crispin and St. Crispianus who were Brothers and Martyrs - the Patron Saints of Shoemakers

Pope Francis Approves a Miracle Attributed to Blessed María Antonia of Saint Joseph (de Paz y Figueroa) Known as Mama Antula of Argentina

Saintly Youth Blessed Benigna Cardoso da Silva, with an Iconic Red Dress, who Died a Martyr of Chastity at Age 13

Powerful Prayer to St. Anthony Mary Claret with Apostolic Prayer - Paton Saint of Savings, Weavers, and Claretian Missionaries

Patriarch Pizzaballa of Jerusalem says "It is time to stop this war" - the Bombing of Gaza "will not solve any problem" and has brought "over five thousand deaths, including many women and children" FULL TEXT

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