Sunday Holy Mass Online : Sun. January 24, 2021 - #Eucharist on 3rd of Ordinary Time in Your Virtual Church

Saint January 24 : St. Francis de Sales the Patron of Confessors; Deaf ; Educators ; Writers; Journalists

Pope Francis' World Communications Day Message "The Good News of the Gospel spread throughout the world as a result of person-to-person, heart-to-heart encounters..." FULL TEXT

Wow an Ordination to the Priesthood in a Country where only 1% of the Population is Christian - A Community Rejoices! VIDEO

US Bishops to President Biden “We strongly urge the President to reject abortion and promote life-affirming aid to women...." FULL TEXT - @JoeBiden

US Bishops' Conference Responds to President Biden's Order "Wednesday’s executive order on ‘sex’ discrimination exceeds the Court’s decision." FULL TEXT

Espousal of Mary and Joseph and Novena Prayer - Feast January 23 with Prayers for Engaged and Couples to SHARE

Saint January 23 : St. Ildephonsus : Archbishop of Toledo and Doctor of the Spanish Church

Saint January 23 : St. John the Almsgiver the Patriarch of Alexandria and Patron of Knights Hospitaller

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Saturday, January 23, 2021 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church