Sunday Mass Online : December 26, 2015 - Feast of the #HolyFamily - Readings and Video

Saint December 27 : St. John the #Apostle : Patron of #Authors, #Theologians, Publishers, Friendships, and Painters

Free Christmas Movie : The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe -

Wow Andrea Bocelli Christmas Surprise for Homeless in #TimesSquare - #AndreaBocelli Sings to SHARE

#BoxingWeek Sale on Catholic #NewEvangelization Guide - SHARE your #Faith with the World!

#PopeFrancis "...we must never tire of asking God's forgiveness, because only when we are forgiven can we learn to forgive. " Angelus Text-Video

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Sat. December 26, 2015