Saint May 11 : St. Francis of Girolamo, a Priest who Walked the Streets with a Bell Inviting People to Holy Communion

URGENT - US Bishops Invite Catholics to Pray the Rosary and Fast on Friday Due to Leaked Court Draft

Archbishop in Ukraine Calls on Christians to Shelter the Homeless since "According to the United Nations, more than 12 million Ukrainians have already fled their homes..."

Pope Francis says "Dear grandparents, dear elderly persons, we are called to be artisans of the revolution of tenderness in our world! Let us do so by...the most valuable instrument...prayer." FULL TEXT

Saint May 10 : St. Antonius of Florence who Begged Nothing of God but Grace to Avoid Sin and the Patron Against Fevers - Died 1459

Pope Francis says "Friendship is the surest way to achieve unity between Christians, for therein we see the face of Christ himself, who calls us no longer servants but friends..." to Coptic Church

Ukraine Archbishop says "...people lost everything in an instant...people in our communities walking with their families, almost barefoot, in the middle of the cold season, without even having anything to wear."

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church - Eastertide