Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Monday, May 16, 2022 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Saint May 16 St. Margaret of Cortona a Franciscan and Patron of Homeless, Insanity, Orphans, Weight Loss, and Prostitutes

Saint May 16 St. Simon Stock a Carmelite who Tried to Attain Perfect Love of God and the Patron of the Brown Scapular

Free Catholic Movie : Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

LISTEN to a Breathtaking Hymn "If ye Love Me" by Thomas Tallis Based on the Words of Jesus from the Gospel

10 New Saints Canonized by Pope Francis - Including the 1st Lay Saint of India, St. Charles of France, a Dutch Priest who Opposed the Nazis and 4 Nuns

Pope Francis says "While sadly in the world distances grow, and tensions and wars increase, may the new Saints inspire solutions...especially in...those who hold positions of great responsibility and are called upon to be agents of peace, not war."

RIP - 10 People Killed in Buffalo, in Mass Shooting by a Teenager at a Supermarket - Bishop Calls for Prayer

#BreakingNews Catholic Cathedral and Centre Attacked after Arrest of Murderer of Deborah, the Christian Falsely Accused of Blasphemy

FULL TEXT - Pope Francis' Homily "This is our identity: we are God’s loved ones...Being disciples of Jesus and advancing on the path of holiness..." at Canonization Mass

Ferdinand Marcos Jr Wins Election in the Philippines - Catholic Archbishop Releases 10 Point Opinion on Challenges

Ukraine Archbishop says "...for the 80th day in a row...the Russian army, which is destroying, killing our people and trampling Ukrainian land."

Saint Dymphna a Virgin and Martyr and Patron of Mental Illness and Incest with Novena Prayers and Litany to Share!

Sunday Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Sunday, May 15, 2022 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church - Eastertide

#BreakingNews Christian Student Stoned to Death and Burned after Thanking Christ for Passing Exams - RIP Deborah Yakubu