Saint February 19 : St. Conrad of Piacenza a Franciscan Confessor, Hermit and Patron of Cure for Hernias

Pope Francis says in Lent "The Lord Jesus, who invites us to walk with Him through the desert towards the Easter victory over sin and death..." FULL TEXT to Campaign

Lent Message of Archbishop Fisher - "3 ancient remedies for ills of spirit are proposed to us in today’s Gospel and every Lent: prayer, fasting and charity." from Sydney, Australia

Lent Message from Archbishop Martin of Ireland "...over the next 40 days, our spiritual conversion can be nourished by daily actions, thoughts, prayers and words." FULL TEXT

Top 10 Quotes for the Season of Lent to SHARE "Lent is a season of intense prayer, fasting and concern..."

Saint February 18 : St. Simeon of Jerusalem, a Relative of Jesus and Bishop and Martyr of Jerusalem