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Thursday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 392
Reading 1IS 26:7-9, 12, 16-19
The way of the just is smooth;
the path of the just you make level.
Yes, for your way and your judgments, O LORD,
we look to you;
Your name and your title
are the desire of our souls.
My soul yearns for you in the night,
yes, my spirit within me keeps vigil for you;
When your judgment dawns upon the earth,
the world’s inhabitants learn justice.
O LORD, you mete out peace to us,
for it is you who have accomplished all we have done.

O LORD, oppressed by your punishment,
we cried out in anguish under your chastising.
As a woman about to give birth
writhes and cries out in her pains,
so were we in your presence, O LORD.
We conceived and writhed in pain,
giving birth to wind;
Salvation we have not achieved for the earth,
the inhabitants of the world cannot bring it forth.
But your dead shall live, their corpses shall rise;
awake and sing, you who lie in the dust.
For your dew is a dew of light,
and the land of shades gives birth.

Responsorial Psalm102:13-14AB AND 15, 16-18, 19-21
R. (20b) From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth.
You, O LORD, abide forever,
and your name through all generations.
You will arise and have mercy on Zion,
for it is time to pity her.
For her stones are dear to your servants,
and her dust moves them to pity.
R. From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth.
The nations shall revere your name, O LORD,
and all the kings of the earth your glory,
When the LORD has rebuilt Zion
and appeared in his glory;
When he has regarded the prayer of the destitute,
and not despised their prayer.
R. From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth.
Let this be written for the generation to come,
and let his future creatures praise the LORD:
“The LORD looked down from his holy height,
from heaven he beheld the earth,
To hear the groaning of the prisoners,
to release those doomed to die.”
R. From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth.

AlleluiaMT 11:28
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest, says the Lord.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

GospelMT 11:28-30
Jesus said:
“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am meek and humble of heart;
and you will find rest for yourselves.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

Prayer to make Spiritual Communion:
People who cannot communicate now make spiritual communion.At your feet, O my Jesus I bow down and offer you the repentance of my contrite heart, which abysses itself into its nothingness and Your holy presence. I adore you in the Sacrament of Your love, the ineffable Eucharist. I wish to receive you in the poor home that my heart offers you. In anticipation of the happiness of sacramental communion, I want to possess you in spirit. Come to me, oh my Jesus, that I may come to you. May Your love inflame my whole being, for life and death. I believe in you, I hope in you, I love you. So be it. Amen

Saint July 16 : Our Lady of Mount Carmel honoring the day Our Lady gave the Scapular to St. Simon #MountCarmel

This feast was instituted by the Carmelites between 1376 and 1386 under the title "Commemoratio B. Marif Virg. duplex" to celebrate the victory of their order over its enemies on obtaining the approbation of its name and constitution from Honorius III on 30 Jan., 1226 (see Colvenerius, "Kal. Mar.", 30 Jan. "Summa Aurea", III, 737). The feast was assigned to 16 July, because on that date in 1251, according to Carmelite traditions, the scapular was given by the Blessed Virgin to St. Simon Stock; it was first approved by Sixtus V in 1587. After Cardinal Bellarmine had examined the Carmelite traditions in 1609, it was declared the patronal feast of the order, and is now celebrated in the Carmelite calendar as a major double of the first class with a vigil and a privileged octave (like the octave of Epiphany, admitting only a double of the first class) under the title "Commemoratio solemnis B.V.M. de Monte Carmelo". By a privilege given by Clement X in 1672, some Carmelite monasteries keep the feast on the Sunday after 16 July, or on some other Sunday in July. In the seventeenth century the feast was adopted by several dioceses in the south of Italy, although its celebration, outside of Carmelite churches, was prohibited in 1628 by a decree contra abusus. On 21 Nov., 1674, however, it was first granted by Clement X to Spain and its colonies, in 1675 to Austria, in 1679 to Portugal and its colonies, and in 1725 to the Papal States of the Church, on 24 Sept., 1726, it was extended to the entire Latin Church by Benedict XIII. The lessons contain the legend of the scapular; the promise of the Sabbatine privilege was inserted into the lessons by Paul V about 1614. The Greeks of southern Italy and the Catholic Chaldeans have adopted this feast of the "Vestment of the Blessed Virgin Mary". The object of the feast is the special predilection of Mary for those who profess themselves her servants by wearing her scapular. Text from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel - #Miracle #Prayer SHARE

Poland's Catholic Conservative President Andrzej Duda Wins Second Term and Thanks Our Lady in Visit to Shrine

Conservative leader Andrzej Duda has won Poland’s presidential runoff election thereby gaining another five-year term in office, according to final results announced by electoral officials on Monday evening.
Andrzej Duda  with wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda addressed the Polish people.
With all the ballots counted, Duda had 51.03 percent of the vote, while opposition-backed challenger RafaƂ Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, had 48.97 percent, the National Electoral Commission (PKW) said.
After the victory the new Polish President Andrzej Duda visited the Shrine of Mary in Czestochowa on Monday after the runoff election and prayed there for his second term. "I feel spiritual support here," he said, according to a report by Domradios. During the visit to the sanctuary, there was applause for Duda, who is valued by Catholics in Poland for his family orientation and was also chosen by the majority of Catholics.
The picture above with President Duda kneeling before Our Lady at the shrine has gone viral on social media.

It added that Duda garnered a total of 10,440,648 votes, while Trzaskowski won 10,018,263.

Voter turnout in Sunday's runoff was 68.18 percent, up from 64.51 percent in the first round of voting two weeks earlier, according to the National Electoral Commission.

Poland’s governing conservatives last fall won parliamentary elections for a second consecutive term, and have now consolidated their grip on power by maintaining control of the presidency.

The Polish president has the power to veto legislation passed by parliament, a key prerogative in a country where traditionalists and liberals are bitterly divided.

“I promise I won’t disappoint you,” he added, thanking his wife Agata and daughter Kinga and the conservative government which backed him in the presidential race.

The Polish presidential election was originally scheduled for May 10, but failed to go ahead amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Wow 300 Churches in Australia Unite to Sing a Blessing with Beautiful Scenery "to shine the light of Jesus" during Pandemic - Video

The Blessing Australia Youtube release: During this time of uncertainty and physical isolation, over 300 local churches united together in Australia to sing a blessing over our nation. This is the first time this has happened. You can find a full list of all churches across who sent in a submission here, we honour every one.
Our desire is to shine the light of Jesus in a time of darkness. We hope that this song will fill you with peace and encouragement. We pray it blesses you, your children and your children's children.

Source: Youtube: The Blessing Australia

US Bishops' Chairman Opposes Proposed New Rule Seeking to Eliminate Protection for Asylum Seekers Fleeing Violence - FULL TEXT

Migration Committee Chairman Opposes Proposed New Rule Seeking to Eliminate Protection for Asylum Seekers Fleeing Violence
 July 14, 2020
 WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) issued new proposed rules on asylum. . . on June 15 with comments due on July 15. The new proposed rules would, among other changes: allow immigration judges to summarily deny applications before the asylum-seeker can see a judge; redefine the term “particular social group” in asylum law to effectively eliminate asylum for those fleeing domestic violence or gangs; and raise standards for initial asylum interviews. The following statement was made by Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, auxiliary bishop of Washington, and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration:
“These proposed asylum regulations will have devastating consequences for those seeking protection in the United States who are fleeing domestic violence or persecution from gangs in their home countries. The Catholic Church teaches us to look at the root causes of migration, poverty, violence, and corruption. Pope Francis reminds us that ‘we must . . . keep our eyes open ..., keep our hearts open ..., to remind everyone of the indispensable commitment to save every human life, a moral duty that unites believers and non-believers.’ We cannot turn our backs on the vulnerable.”
Read the USCCB’s comment on the proposed asylum rule on the Conference’s website.
To learn more about asylum and root causes of migration, visit the Justice for Immigrants website.

RIP Mother Anastasia - Nun who Worked as a Surgeon during Pandemic Dies of COVID-19 in Russia

Mother Anastasia, surgeon nun, dies of Covid-19 on Pentecost
by Vladimir Rozanskij
Tomorrow Russia will remember the "martyrs of the pandemic". Mother Anastasia, aka Nina Artemeva, continued her dual profession, religious and medical, until the end. She entered the monastery as a 70-year-old. Married twice, she had two children. For her, medicine makes the Gospel current: "love your neighbor, even if he is dirty, injured or bloodied".

Moscow (AsiaNews) - Tomorrow, July 15, Russia will observe a day in memory of the doctors and healthcare personnel who lost their lives due to the coronavirus, sacrificing themselves for the good of all.

In St. Petersburg, the list of 56 "martyrs of the pandemic" begins with a well-known and loved character, the professor of surgery Nina Artemeva, consecrated with the monastic name of mother Anastasia, who passed away on June 8 for Covid-19. Faithful to the very end to her dual vocation, Nina-Anastasia died while taking care of the nuns and sick people in the monastery of Saint John in Karpovka.

Although well known, the news about mother Anastasia is not found on Wikipedia, or on other websites. The woman never gave interviews, as she did not consider her life extraordinary, even when she continued to perform delicate surgical operations as an Orthodox nun.

As in many other Russian monasteries, the Easter liturgy in Karpovka was celebrated in the full presence of religious and lay people, with the result of a general coronavirus infection, which the 84-year-old mother tried to remedy in some way, before being her herself hospitalized in intensive care, where she gave up on the day of Pentecost.

Born in 1936 in Uljanovsk, the city of Lenin, Nina had dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood. Transferred to Leningrad, she finished her medical studies, marrying Nikolaj, a fellow student. While finishing her surgery specialization, she gave birth to a son, also Nikolaj (see photo 2, Nina with her son). Her husband could not tolerate Nina's desire to continue her scientific career, and they soon divorced; in a second marriage she married Mark Lanskij, a colleague in hospital surgery, with whom he had her second son Ilja.

In 1984 Nina defended her doctorate in intestinal surgery, and became famous for the operations of rare difficulty that no one had the courage to perform, with a method of her own. She was particularly loved for the constant care of every patient, which she did not want to delegate to anyone. In 1990 her second husband died, and in the same year a chapel was opened in the hospital on her initiative. During the Soviet years, nobody knew her as a religious person.

Her husband's death prompted her to get closer and closer to the Church, and at almost 70 years old Nina decided to leave medicine and enter the monastery, taking the name of Anastasia. Sister Tatjana recalls that "it seemed that she had decided to go to war, to save the world".

A priest who accompanied her in her conversion, Father Andrej (also a doctor) explains that "one enters the monastery to die worthily, giving one’s life to God; it no longer matters how many years one still lives, because one is already together with the most totally loved one, with Christ. "

Mother Anastasia also explained that "medicine is a practical possibility of realizing what is written in the Gospel, of loving one's neighbor, even if he is dirty, wounded or bloodied". Of course, her patients and the many who knew and admired her began to come to visit her in the monastery, creating a true "soul healing" movement.

Eventually the superior of the monastery allowed her to continue to perform surgery, and they equipped an operating room in the monastery of Saint John, under the silent and watchful gaze of the icons. On Saturdays mother Anastasia dedicated herself to patients, even for simple consultations, without an appointment and without compensation.

The civic memory, in this case, is accompanied by a religious memory, which recognizes the first and best holiness of human heroism itself: the story of Mother Anastasia is not over, because she will still be able to do great good.
FULL TEXT Source: AsiaNewsIT

Easy Novena to St. Bonaventure - a Prayer to the Famous Franciscan and Doctor of the Church

Novena Prayer:
Dear St. Bonaventure Cardinal, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, you chose a life that embraced mortification and great humiliation. Choosing to serve those individuals who were rejected and sick you risked illness for yourself. You made your life a continuous prayer and spent hours meditating on the wounds of Christ. Please pray for us that we may have a sincere and humble heart. Pray that we may not lose sight of Jesus’ wounds and thus walk on the straight path to eternal salvation.
(For more on the Life of St. Bonaventure :
Saint July 15 : St. Bonaventure : Patron of Bowel Disorders - Doctor of the Church)

St. Bonaventure you were known to say “One should carefully beware of decreasing, even in the slightest, the honor that is due to Mary.” May we strive as you did to Love our Blessed Mother and be carriers of her peace in this world. May we take a great many souls with us to Our Heavenly Father.

Please place our petitions (mention them here) in the loving hands of Our Blessed Mother as we know they will be warmly received by her Son. Amen Say one Hail Mary. (pray the above prayer and Hail Mary daily for nine days for your intention)
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