Saint March 16 : St. Heribert Archbishop of Cologne and Patron of Rain

Pope Francis explains "...inspiration of artistic and architectural creativity, which in the Christian vision springs precisely from liturgical life, from the action of the Spirit..."

Saint March 15 : Saintly Artemide Zatti a Nurse who Tirelessly Helped the Sick - through whose Intercession a Miraculous Healing Occurred

Saint March 15 : Pope St. Zachary who Helped the Poor and Restored Churches in Rome

Saint March 15 : St. Longinus - the Centurion Converted after Seeing Blood and Water Flow from Jesus' Side on the Cross

Wow Catholic Priest Friar Calls People to Come to Church with Canoe and Bell on the Bayou River!

Pope Francis Prays for the Nearly 300 People Killed and Hundreds Injured by a Cyclone in Malawi and Mozambique in Africa

US Bishop Daniel Flores Among 7 Appointed to the Preparatory Commission for the Synod of Bishops

Pope Francis says "The vocation that Jesus gives, to everyone, but also to those who seem to be in the highest places, is service, serving others, humbling oneself."

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Lent Wednesday , March 15, 2023 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church