Saint July 13 : St. King Henry II who Remained Celibate During Marriage - Holy Roman Emperor and the Patron Saint of the Childless, Disabled and Oblates

#BreakingNews After Rumors Bishop Rolando Alvarez' Release in Nicaragua the Catholic Bishops of the US Issue Call for his Release - USCCB

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Another Catholic Priest is Arrested in Nicaragua - Please Pray for Fr. Fernando Israel Zamora Silva

Saint July 12 : Saint Veronica upon whose Veil was Imprinted with the Image of Jesus - Patron Saint of Film Directors

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Wednesday July 12, 2023 - Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint July 12 : St. John Gualbert who Received a Sign from Christ after Forgiving and the Founder of the Vallumbrosan Order