Saint October 10 : St. Francis Borgia a Jesuit and Patron of Earthquakes and Portugal

Pope Francis explains "....the impact of his love that can only make a heart of stone a heart of flesh, capable of embracing "the same sentiments of Christ Jesus " Full Text

Latest from the Amazon Synod "...beginning with Jesus, a language of love, of walking together, that bears witness to a simple, humble life."

Protests continue in Hong Kong with Tens of Thousands calling for Freedom

Saint October 9 : St. John Leonardi who formed the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine - Patron of Pharmacists

Saint October 9 : St. Denis the Patron of Headaches, Rabies, and Possessed People with Novena Prayer

US Bishops' Issue statement on Redefinition of "Sex" in the Civil Rights Law - Full Text

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - #Eucharist