Holy Mass Online : Monday, January 24, 2022 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Saint January 24 : St. Francis de Sales a Bishop who Consecrated Himself to the Blessed Virgin and Wrote an "Introduction to the Devout Life"

FULL TEXT Homily of Pope Francis "The word of God nurtures and renews faith: let us put it back at the centre of our prayer and our spiritual life!" and Institution of Catechists + Video

Pope Francis says "So, let us pick up the Gospel and choose each day a small passage to read and re-read." FULL TEXT + Video

Sunday Holy Mass Online : Sunday, January 23, 2022 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Espousal of Mary and Joseph and Novena Prayer - Feast January 23 with Prayers for Engaged and Couples to SHARE

Saint January 23 : St. Ildephonsus : Archbishop of Toledo and Doctor of the Spanish Church

Saint January 23 : St. John the Almsgiver the Patriarch of Alexandria and Patron of Knights Hospitaller