Christmas Novena : Official Version with Plenary Indulgence - Powerful Prayers to Prepare for Christmas!

Saint December 18 : Our Lady of the Expectation - An Ancient Feast Day to Express the Longing of the Universe for the Coming of the Redeemer!

Prepare Your Heart for Christmas with this Powerful Novena : Official with Plenary Indulgence #Prayers to Share!

WATCH a Free Catholic Movie - Lady of Guadalupe a Drama about a Journalist's Conversion through Our Lady's Intercession

Saint December 17 : St. Josep Manyanet y Vives of Spain the Founder and of the Holy Family Congregations (1833-1901)

Saint December 17 : Blessed Matilde del Sagrado Corazón Téllez Robles the Founder of Congregation of the Daughters of Mary

Saint December 17 : St. Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the Dead and Brother of St. Martha, St. Mary Magdalene

Pope Francis is Joined by Sick Children and 200 Families who Wish him a Happy 87th Birthday - VIDEO

Pope Francis says "...sad news about Gaza. Unarmed civilians are targets" - "The house of the Sisters of Mother Teresa was damaged" and Mourns 2 Women Killed at the Church