Saint December 5 : God's Scientist! Bl. Niels Stensen, a Convert who was a Famous Scientist and Became a Bishop Devoted to the Eucharist

US Bishops' President Archbishop Broglio Seals the Holy Door in America's Largest Basilica the National Shrine in Washington DC

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Pope Francis says the Earth Joins "children and the poor who cry out to heaven pleading for peace! Peacekeeping is also a task for the religions." for Inauguration of Faith Pavilion for COP28

Quote to SHARE by St Isidore “The suffering of adversity does not degrade you but exalts you. Human tribulation teaches...The more we are afflicted in this world, the greater will be our joy in the future.”

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Special Prayers to St. Barbara and Novena to this Patron Saint of Architects, Builders, Mathematicians, Miners, and Sudden Death

Saint December 4 : St. John Damascene a Doctor of the Church who Defended Icons and Mary as Mother of God