Holy Mass Online - Bible Readings and Video : Thursday, January 18, 2024 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Catholic Church

Saint January 18 : Saint Margaret of Hungary - a Princess who became a Nun and Mystic who came from a Family of Saints!

New Report Reveals 96 Churches Burned or Vandalized Since the Residential Schools News Became Public in Canada - Map

US Bishops' Pro-Life Statement on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade “Each of us is called to radical solidarity with women facing an unexpected or challenging pregnancy”

Special Blessings for Pets, Farm Animals and All Domestic Animals - Prayers for God's Protection on Our Furry or Feathered Friends!

MP Päivi Räsänen from Finland Could Soon Return to Court after Acquittal for her Bible-Tweet that was Considered Hate Speech

Religious Freedom Index Just Released by Becket Law Reveals 73% of Americans Agreed that “religious organizations that provide services to help in the community"

Pope Francis Tells World Economic Forum " mindful of the moral responsibility that each of us has in the fight against poverty...and the quest for a peaceful coexistence among peoples." FULL TEXT

Our Lady of Hope (Pontmain) an Approved Apparition from 1871 who said “But pray, my children. God will hear you in a short time"

Feeling Tempted? Powerful Prayers Against Temptations and Novena Saint Anthony Patron Saint of Pets who was also Tempted by Demons + Litany

Pope Francis Warns of Lust "...God wrote into His creation when He imagined love between man and woman...of loving one another." FULL TEXT