Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - Your Virtual Church

October 13 : Anniversary of Fatima Miracle of the Sun - #Fatima Witnessed by 70,000 in 1917- True Story to Share!

Saint October 12 : Blessed Carlo Acutis - Millennial Gamer Teen who said the Eucharist was his Highway to Heaven! Patron of Internet, Gamers, Youth

#BreakingNews Historic Christ the Savior Cathedral Hit by Bomb during Attack in Azerbaijan - VIDEO

Columbus Day Explained - A Brief History into the Discovery of America in 1492 by the Italian Christopher Columbus

Indian Catholic Bishops Call for the Release of Jesuit Priest Fr. Stan Swamy - who was Arrested in India

US President Trump Resumes Election Campaign after Physician says he Meets Criteria for Discontinuation of Isolation after COVID-19 Diagnosis

The 1st Filipino Swiss Guard at the Vatican was Sworn in to Protect Pope Francis

READ - Bishops of Africa Support Pope Francis' "Fratelli Tutti" saying “We join the Holy Father to earnestly plead for intensified efforts towards true brotherhood..." FULL TEXT

Bishop in Florida Sends Message to Voters "Pope Francis has made it clear that if we fail to protect life, no other rights matter." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis gives TED Talk Video on Climate Change "Each of us can play a valuable role if we all set out on the road....the future is being built today..." FULL TEXT + Video