Saint February 10 : St. Scholastica - 1st Catholic Nun and St. Benedict's Twin Sister whose Soul as a Dove Flew to Heaven! Patron Saint of Nuns, Tests, and Storms - with Novena Prayer

Wow 49ers Football Star Christian McCaffrey Surrenders All to God “My faith is very important to me and that’s why I’m praying all the time”

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Pope Francis Highlights the Life of Argentina's 1st Female Saint Mama Antula who had "great fervour for the Eucharist"

Saint February 9 : Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich a Nun with the Stigmata and a Prophetic Visionary of the Church and Life of Christ

Saint February 9 : Blessed Maria Theresia Bonzel the Foundress of a Group of Nuns Praying in Perpetual Adoration to the Eucharist

Saint February 9 : Blessed Leopold of Alpandeire a Capuchin who Learned to Transform Manual Work and the Service of the Brothers into Prayer

Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal Challenges Canada's Law on Physician-Assisted Suicide in a New Religious Freedom Case