Saint October 24 : St. Anthony Mary Claret - Founder of the Claretians and Patron of Weavers, Savings, and Publishers

US Government Joins 31 Other Countries in Geneva Consensus Declaration - Sent to UN Criticizing Abortion Policies - "“We will unequivocally declare that there is no international right to abortion." - FULL Official Text

Pope Francis says "...cultivate in the hearts of our brothers and sisters a shared responsibility for one another as children of God and a renewed commitment to be good stewards of his gift of creation." FULL TEXT

Vatican Releases Decree on Plenary Indulgences for the Faithfully Departed during the COVID-19 Pandemic - FULL TEXT

#BreakingNews - RIP Fr. José Manuel de Jesus Ferreira - Catholic Priest Killed while coming to Aid of Woman being Robbed in Venezuela

Polish Court Rules that Abortion due to Fetal Defect is not Compatible with the Constitution - Bishops' Conference President Appreciates this Decision

3 Bishops in India go on Hunger Strike to Ensure Constitutional Education Rights

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Friday, October 23, 2020 - In Your Virtual Church