Saint September 3 : St. Gregory the Great a Pope and Patron of Singers, Teachers, Against Plagues with Novena Prayer

#BreakingNews Christian Bible Translator Violently Killed with Machete and Wife's arm cut off in Cameroon - Please Pray!

Pope Francis "The practice of based on a utilitarian view of the person...the contrary, the commitment to accompany the patient and his loved ones at all stages..." FULL TEXT

Labor Day statement from US Bishops "Many do not have food to eat and live adrift while a few drown in excess."

Pope Francis ".. it was the Spirit that led them to say: "Mary, Mother of God" to Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Bishops

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Monday, September 2, 2109 - #Eucharist

Saint September 2 : Martyrs of the French Revolution - The Carmelite Massacre of 1792