Saint November 2 : All Soul's Day - Remembering all the #Faithfully #Departed

#PopeFrancis "A Church doesn't exist without this feminine dimension..." FULL TEXT Interview on Plane

Litany of the Saints : Official prayer of Church : Powerful to SHARE

#Angelus with Pope Francis "As Catholics, we are part of a great family and are sustained..." FULL TEXT

#PopeFrancis "A holiness that consists in the love of God.." #Homily All Saints' in #Sweden - FULL TEXT + Video of Mass

#PopeFrancis "Together we can proclaim and manifest God’s mercy" FULL TEXT - Video Ecumenical Prayer Service

#PopeFrancis "Clearly, creation itself is a sign of God’s boundless love..." #Ecumenical Event in Sweden - FULL TEXT - Video

Today's Mass Readings and Video : Tues. November 1, 2016 - All Saint's Day