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Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 319
Reading I
Heb 10:11-18
Every priest stands daily at his ministry, 
offering frequently those same sacrifices 
that can never take away sins.
But this one offered one sacrifice for sins, 
and took his seat forever at the right hand of God; 
now he waits until his enemies are made his footstool.
For by one offering he has made perfect forever 
those who are being consecrated.
The Holy Spirit also testifies to us, for after saying:
    This is the covenant I will establish with them
        after those days, says the Lord:
    “I will put my laws in their hearts,
        and I will write them upon their minds,”
he also says:
    Their sins and their evildoing
        I will remember no more.


Where there is forgiveness of these, there is no longer offering for sin.
Responsorial Psalm
110:1, 2, 3, 4
R.    (4b)  You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.
The LORD said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand
    till I make your enemies your footstool.”
R.    You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.
The scepter of your power the LORD will stretch forth from Zion:
    “Rule in the midst of your enemies.”
R.    You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.
“Yours is princely power in the day of your birth, in holy splendor;
    before the daystar, like the dew, I have begotten you.”
R.    You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.
The LORD has sworn, and he will not repent:
    “You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek.”
R.    You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
The seed is the word of God, Christ is the sower;
all who come to him will live for ever.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Mk 4:1-20
On another occasion, Jesus began to teach by the sea.
A very large crowd gathered around him 
so that he got into a boat on the sea and sat down.
And the whole crowd was beside the sea on land.
And he taught them at length in parables, 
and in the course of his instruction he said to them, 
“Hear this!  A sower went out to sow.
And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path, 
and the birds came and ate it up.
Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil.
It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep.
And when the sun rose, it was scorched and it withered for lack of roots.  
Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it 
and it produced no grain.
And some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit.
It came up and grew and yielded thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold.”
He added, “Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear.”
And when he was alone, 
those present along with the Twelve 
questioned him about the parables.
He answered them, 
“The mystery of the Kingdom of God has been granted to you.
But to those outside everything comes in parables, so that
    they may look and see but not perceive,
        and hear and listen but not understand,
    in order that they may not be converted and be forgiven.”
Jesus said to them, “Do you not understand this parable?
Then how will you understand any of the parables?
The sower sows the word.
These are the ones on the path where the word is sown.
As soon as they hear, Satan comes at once 
and takes away the word sown in them.
And these are the ones sown on rocky ground who, 
when they hear the word, receive it at once with joy.
But they have no roots; they last only for a time.
Then when tribulation or persecution comes because of the word, 
they quickly fall away.
Those sown among thorns are another sort.
They are the people who hear the word, 
but worldly anxiety, the lure of riches, 
and the craving for other things intrude and choke the word, 
and it bears no fruit.
But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it
and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.”
Prayer to Make a Spiritual Communion-
People who cannot communicate now make spiritual communion

At your feet, O my Jesus I bow down and offer you the repentance of my contrite heart, which abysses itself into its nothingness and Your holy presence. I adore you in the Sacrament of Your love, the ineffable Eucharist. I wish to receive you in the poor home that my heart offers you. In anticipation of the happiness of sacramental communion, I want to possess you in spirit. Come to me, oh my Jesus, that I may come to you. May Your love inflame my whole being, for life and death. I believe in you, I hope in you, I love you. So be it. Amen

Saint January 27 : St. Angela Merici the Patron of Sickness, Handicapped, Loss of Parents

21 March 1474, Desenzano del Garda, Province of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy
27 January 1540, Brescia, Lombardy, Italy
May 24, 1807, Rome by Pope Pius VII
Major Shrine:
The Merician Centre (including the now subterranean Church of St Afra, Brescia, Lombardy, Italy)
Patron of:
sickness, handicapped people, loss of parents
Saint Mary of the Angels (1474 - 1540) Also known as: Angela of Merici, Angela de Marici Angela Merici was born on March 21, 1474 at Desenzano, Lake Garda, Italy. She made a vow of virginity before she was ten years old and persuaded her older sister to do the same. Her parents died when she was only ten years old. Together, with her older sister, she moved to the nearby town of Salo, to live with her uncle. She and her only sister, who was three years older, loved each other very much. But soon the sister of Angela followed her parents by a sudden death. Her sister's tragic death left Angela disconsolate because it occurred before her sister could receive the last sacraments of the Catholic Church. Angela lost herself in prayer and good works. Although she had great faith, she could not help but wonder if her sister was safe in heaven. One day during harvest Angela was alone in the fields when she experienced a life-changing vision: the heaven’s opened and angels and young women came toward her singing a melody, surrounded by light. One of the young girl's was Angela’s sister and she spoke, telling her that God wanted her to establish a company of consecrated virgins. Since then she has been known as a Saint, thanks to her spiritual life and her capacity to understand and help people. In 1516, on invitation, Angela moved to Brescia, for a consolatory mission in the house of Caterina Patengola, who had lost her husband and two children. Here she met Giovan Antonio Romano. Soon a group of people formed around her, united by the same desire for good. In 1524 Angela embarked on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and a year later she went to Rome to the Pope for the Jubilee. On November 25, 1535, on Saint Catherine’s day, Angela and 28 young women formed the Order of Ursulines in honor of St. Ursula in a small house near the Church of St. Afra in Bresci. In 1536, Merici laid down the rules of the Ursuline Order, clarifying her plan to restore the family and the supremacy of Christianity through the education of girls. In 1537 she was elected superior of the company by unanimous vote. Before her death she dictated her Testament and Souvenirs, which contain her counsels to her nuns; they insist on interest in the individual, gentleness, and the efficacy of persuasion over force. In 1580, Charles Borromeo, Bishop of Milan, inspired by the work of the Ursulines in Brescia, encouraged the foundation of Ursuline houses in all the dioceses of Northern Italy. Charles also encouraged the Ursulines to live together in community rather than in their own homes. Angela died on the 27th January 1540 at Brescia and was buried in the ancient church of Saint Afra (now Saint Angela’s sanctuary), where she still rests. She left 150 spiritual daughters. On June 9, 1544, Pope Paul III approved the new institute with the Bull: “Regimini Universalis Ecclesiae”. She is beatified on April 30, 1768 by Pope Clement XIII and canonized on May 24, 1807 by Pope Pius VII. In 1962 St. Angela Merici was proclaimed the principal patron of Desenzano by a decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. In 1861, Pius IX extended her veneration to the universal Church. Saint Angela's body is incorrupt. After Angela's death the Company of Saint Ursula spread rapidly. Ursuline communities were established quickly in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. Today, thousands of Ursuline Sisters work to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ on six continents. Text shared from MaryPages - Image Google

RIP Kobe and Daughter who went to Mass before Dying on Helicopter - a Reminder of the Importance of Faith for Athletes

On January 26, 2020 Gianna Bryant, 13; and her famous dad Kobe, 41 died on a helicopter. Along with them were Payton Chester, 13; Alyssa Altobelli, 14; Keri Altobelli, 46; and Christina Mauser, 38, John Altobelli, 56; Sarah Chester, 45; and pilot, 50-year-old Ara Zobayan were all killed in the crash. . The group had been on the way to a basketball game Sunday morning when the helicopter carrying them crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, California. There were no survivors. The teenagers were teammates on a basketball team coached by Bryant and Mauser.
Kobe made Sunday Mass a priority for his family - the fact that he and his daughter went to a 7 am Mass at Church before heading to their sports game is a gentle reminder to us all of the importance of Sunday Church. 

#BreakingNews RIP Kobe Bryant - Catholic Basketball Star and Daughter Gianna, age 13, Killed in Helicopter Crash -https://www.catholicnewsworld.com/2020/01/breakingnews-rip-kobe-bryant-catholic.html

It was at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church that the Bryant family attended Sunday Mass. Kobe was also occasionally noted to have attended weekday masses as well. One of the last things Kobe did before last Sunday morning’s helicopter crash that killed him, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna was to stop by Our Lady Queen of Angels for the 7am Mass. According to Father Steve Sallot they also took Communion.
In the online magazine Convivium a priest, Fr. Raymond De Souza, writes,
The juxtaposition, terrible as it is, bluntly reminds us that making time for God on the Lord’s day is the third commandment and remains valid. It should prompt all Christians, particularly Christian parents, to think about how they allocate their time on the Lord’s day. For it’s not actually our time is it? The day belongs to the Lord.

VIDEO - Pope Francis Attends Funeral of his Personal Doctor who Died of COVID - RIP Fabrizio Soccorsi

Vatican News reports that Pope Francis attended the funeral of Fabrizio Soccorsi, his personal doctor who died on 9 January, 2020. The funeral Mass was celebrated by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

The Holy See Press Office's statement explained that the Holy Father went to the Church of Santa Maria Regina della Famiglia in the Vatican’s Governorate, to attend the funeral of Professor Soccorsi.


 The funeral Mass was celebrated by his Eminence Cardinal Parolin.

Doctor Fabrizio Soccorsi had been sick with cancer but died of complications caused by Covid-19 at the age of 78.

He had been admitted to Rome’s Gemelli hospital on 26 December because of cancer, but died because of “pulmonary complications”.

Dr. Soccorisi had been the Pope’s personal physician since 2015. He had also served as an adviser for the Vatican’s health services department and a consultant-physician to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Edited from VaticanNews.va

Powerful Prayer to Saint Joseph - The Litany of St. Joseph - One of the 6 Formal Prayers Officially Approved by the Catholic Church - VIDEO

The Litany of Saint Joseph is a powerful prayer to the Foster father of Jesus. He is the Patron of Fathers, Workers, and the Universal Church.
Watch the Video Below and Pray this Beautiful Litany :
 It was approved for public use by Pope Pius X in 1909.
According to the USCCB, this litany is ordinarily enriched with a partial indulgence (Manual of Indulgences, conc. 22). During the Year of Saint Joseph, however—which lasts from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021—the use of the Litany of Saint Joseph has been included among other prayers to St. Joseph enriched with a plenary indulgence (see Decree of the Apostolic Penitentiary issued Dec. 8, 2020, section E), which may be earned once a day subject to the usual conditions: sacramental confession, reception of Holy Communion, prayer for the intentions of the Pope, and a total detachment to all sin, including venial sin. It is one of six formal prayers approved by the Catholic Church for public and private use.[1] Praying the Litany of Saint Joseph grants partial indulgence.

The Litany of Saint Joseph:
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.

God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.

Holy Mary, pray for us (after each line)
Saint Joseph,
Renowned offspring of David,
Light of Patriarchs,
Spouse of the Mother of God,
Chaste guardian of the Virgin,
Foster-father of the Son of God,
Diligent protector of Christ,
Head of the Holy Family,
Joseph most just,
Joseph most chaste,
Joseph most prudent,
Joseph most strong,
Joseph most obedient,
Joseph most faithful,
Mirror of patience,
Lover of poverty,
Model of artisans,
Glory of home life,
Guardian of virgins,
Pillar of families,
Solace of the wretched, 

Hope of the sick,
Patron of the dying,
Terror of demons,
Protector of Holy Church,

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
Have mercy on us.

V. He made him the lord of His house:
R. And ruler of all His substance.

Let us pray.
O God, who in Thine unspeakable providence didst vouchsafe to choose blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Thine own most holy Mother: grant, we beseech Thee, that we may deserve to have him for our intercessor in heaven, whom we reverence as our defender on earth: who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.

Pro-Life Victory in Kansas as House Approves a State Amendment called "Value them Both" to Protect the Rights of the Unborn

The Kansas House approved a state constitutional amendment to protect the rights of the unborn.

Life News reports that the Value Them Both amendment passed in an 86-38 vote, surpassing the two-thirds majority required to amend the state constitution. It now moves to the state Senate where pro-life leaders expect it will pass.

“Value Them Both is vital to ensure that we can continue to provide life-saving safeguards to women,” said Brittany Jones, Esq., director of advocacy for the Family Police Alliance of Kansas. “We are so thankful for all 86 members of the House who voted to protect our life-saving laws in Kansas. We are confident that the Senate will soon pass Value Them Both, and then it will be up to the people of Kansas.” (Life News excerpt)

Official Release from the Kansas House of Representatives:

A PROPOSITION to amend the bill of rights of the constitution of the state of Kansas by adding a new section thereto stating that there is no constitutional right to abortion, and reserving to the people the ability to regulate abortion through the elected members of the legislature of the state of Kansas. 

 WHEREAS, This proposition to amend the bill of rights of the constitution of the state of Kansas shall be known and may be cited as the Value Them Both Amendment. Now, therefore: Be it resolved by the Legislature of the State of Kansas, two-thirds of the members elected (or appointed) and qualified to the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the members elected (or appointed) and qualified to the Senate concurring therein: Section 

1. The following proposition to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas shall be submitted to the qualified electors of the state for their approval or rejection: The bill of rights of the constitution of the state of Kansas is hereby amended by adding a new section to read as follows: "§ 22. Regulation of abortion. Because Kansans value both women and children, the constitution of the state of Kansas does not require government funding of abortion and does not create or secure a right to abortion. To the extent permitted by the constitution of the United States, the people, through their elected state representatives and state senators, may pass laws regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, laws that account for circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or circumstances of necessity to save the life of the mother." 

Sec. 2. The following statement shall be printed on the ballot with the amendment as a whole: "Explanatory statement. The Value Them Both Amendment would affirm there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion or to require the government funding of abortion, and would reserve to the people of Kansas, through their elected state legislators, the right to pass laws to regulate abortion, including, but not limited to, in circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or when necessary to save the life of the mother. "A vote for the Value Them Both Amendment would affirm there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion or to require the government funding of abortion, and would reserve to the people of Kansas, through their elected state legislators, the right to pass laws to regulate abortion. "A vote against the Value Them Both Amendment would make no changes to the constitution of the state of Kansas, and could restrict the people, through their elected state legislators, from regulating abortion by leaving in place the recently recognized right to abortion." 

Sec. 3. This resolution, if approved by two-thirds of the members elected (or appointed) and qualified to the House of Representatives, and two-thirds of the members elected (or appointed) and qualified to the Senate shall be entered on the journals, together with the yeas and nays. The secretary of state shall cause this resolution to be published as provided by law and shall cause the proposed amendment to be submitted to the electors of the state at a special election which is hereby called on August 2, 2022, pursuant to section 1 of article 14 of the constitution of the state of Kansas, to be held in conjunction with the primary election held on such date.

Source: http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2021_22/measures/documents/hcr5003_00_0000.pdf

Vatican Cites ACN Report Detailing Atrocities in Tigray Region of Ethiopia with Possible Killing of 750 People in Assault of Orthodox Church

Vatican News cites report by “Aid to the Church in Need”on possible atrocities in Tigray

The Pontifical Foundation, “Aid to the Church in Need”, is warning that hundreds of people are being killed in the conflicts in Ethiopia’s Tigray region and that shops, schools, churches and convents are being looted and destroyed.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Isolation and lack of communication may be screening ongoing atrocities in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

According to Regina Lynch, project manager for Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), those who have been able to visit the area are reporting the possible murder of 750 people in an assault on the Orthodox Church of St Mary of Zion in Aksum last November.

Lynch says it has not been possible to verify the exact details of what would be a real massacre because travel in the region is not currently possible and communications are very restricted.

Terrified population

However, she added, ACN has received confirmation of a series of killings and attacks on innocent people in many parts of Tigray, including in the Aksum area, and she said the population is terrified.

The Tigray region, whose capital is Mekele, is the most northern region of Ethiopia and borders Eritrea and Sudan. About 95 per cent of the population are Christians belonging to the Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox Church and belong to the Tigray ethnic group.

The battle for control of Tigray is in its third month. Fighting for power against each other are the Tigray People's Liberation Front and forces led by the Ethiopian military. Sources say hundreds of people are being killed while shops, schools, churches, convents and homes are being looted and destroyed. 

Fleeing for their lives

About two million have been displaced, with some 60,000 fleeing to Sudan, but others are reportedly seeking refuge in remote areas in the mountains, without water or access to food.

Although the conflict has led to the deaths of hundreds of Christians, analysts say the violence is not motivated by religion but by politics.

Lynch concludes with an appeal for comfort for the ordinary citizens of Tigray who are paying with their lives, isolated from the world in a situation of anguish, threatened by violence and terror.

FULL TEXT Source: https://www.vaticannews.va/en/church/news/2021-01/acn-tigray-ethiopia-conflict-atrocities-alarm.html

Image Source: Screenshot - Google Images - Just Security of Tigray people

Bishop in Columbia says Criminal Violence has Escalated to War "there is no violence here, but a real war"

AMERICA/COLOMBIA - The Bishop of Buenaventura: "there is no violence here, but a real war"

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Buenaventura (Agenzia Fides) - In Colombia, unfortunately, a climate of violence still reigns (see Fides 19/1/2021), and in particular that by gangs and other armed groups continues to increase.

After the request made by the Defender of the People in Buenaventura, it is now the turn of Mgr. Rubén Darío Jaramillo, Bishop of the Diocese of Buenaventura, to demand the intervention of the authorities because, according to his words, "what is happening in the area is not just violence , but a real war".

In some statements made to Radio Caracol and then disseminated by social media, Archbishop Jaramillo denounced that "the situation in the Port of Buenaventura and the whole area is of great concern. In fact, within the framework of the war between gangs, not only rifles and long-range weapons are used, but also machine guns and grenades in order to compete for control of the territory".

The Bishop explained that "the different criminal groups want to seize strategic sectors where drugs are transported and the whole community is hit by bullets, fear, because the economy is affected, certain basic products do not reach the port and others are blocked by criminals who impose a tax on all products".

In the past few days alone, about 200 people have left the area, reports the note sent to Fides, and another 500,000 are trapped at the scene of the fighting. "We know that a large group of families are preparing to flee the area, this means that something terrible is about to happen", concluded Mgr. Jaramillo. (CE) (Full Text Release: Agenzia Fides, 26/1/2021)

Image Source: Youtube Screenshot Telesur

RIP Archbishop Tarcisio Gervazio Ziyaye - Malawi Mourns their Pillar of the Catholic Church who Died at Age 71 from Cancer


MALAWI: The Catholic Church Mourns Archbishop Ziyaye

 Stella Zulu Kaferapanjira

It has been a shocking sad week for Catholics in the country due to the death of Archbishop Tarcisio Gervazio Ziyaye, who died on the 14th of December in Namibia.

According to a statement by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi(ECM) and ECM’s Secretary General Rev Fr. Henry Saindi, Archbishop Ziyaye who until his death was the Ordinary for Lilongwe Archdiocese, went to Namibia for a friendly visit and while there, he got a chance to receive medical treatment

“Archbishop Ziyaye visited a friend Archbishop in Namibia. While there, he felt unwell and went for medical checkup where he was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctors carried out an operation on him and he started improving. Three days later, the Archbishop’s health started deteriorating and his blood pressure started getting lower until he died,” said Fr. Saindi.

Archbishop Ziyaye is described by many Malawians as a pillar for the Catholic Church in the country as he was the most senior among the bishops in age and also in ministry as bishop.

Most Rev. Ziyaye was ordained priest on August 14th, 1977 and has served in several capacities. He was appointed auxiliary bishop of Dedza Diocese on November 26, 1991 before becoming the bishop of Lilongwe Diocese on 4 May, 1993. In 2001, Pope John Paul II appointed him Archbishop of Blantyre Archdiocese where he served for 12 years. On July 3 2013, Archbishop Ziyaye was appointed Archbishop of the then newly declared Archdiocese of Lilongwe where he has served until his death.

The body of the late Archbishop Ziyaye arrived in the country on Thursday, the 17th  through Kamuzu International Airport. From there, it was taken to Poor Clares Monastery where the first funeral Mass was celebrated and the body was transferred to Maula Cathedral for follow up masses.

Due to the impact Archbishop Ziyaye has had in the Church and the country, the State President, Dr. Lazarous Chakwera declared the death of Archbishop Ziyaye, a State funeral. Therefore, the body has received military honors and the main requiem mass will be celebrated at the country’s CIVO Stadium on Saturday, the 19th December from 10;00am, after which the body will be taken back to the Cathedral for burial. 

Source: http://amecea.blogspot.com/

Born Alive Infant Protection Act became Law in the US State of Kentucky to Give Medical Care to Newborns who Survive Abortion

The US State of Kentucky has made the Born Alive Infant Protection Act  law. State Sen. Whitney Westerfield, R-Crofton, sponsored the pro-life legislationAccording to Life News the new Kentucky law protects babies from infanticide by requiring abortionists and medical workers to provide “appropriate and reasonable” medical care to newborns who survive abortions. It also recognizes abortions survivors as legal persons and imposes penalties on those who fail to provide basic medical care to them.
Here is the Summary from the State of Kentucky Legislature:
Create new sections of KRS Chapter 311 to prohibit a person from denying or depriving a born-alive infant of nourishment with the intent to cause or allow the death of the infant; prohibit a person from denying or depriving a born-alive infant of medically appropriate and reasonable medical care, medical treatment, or surgical care; require a physician performing an abortion to take all medically appropriate and reasonable steps to preserve the life and health of a born-alive infant; specify that if the physician is unable to perform those duties then an attending physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, nurse, or other healthcare worker shall assume the duties; provide that a born-alive infant shall be treated as a legal person under the laws of the Commonwealth; specify that any born-alive infant, whose parents file a petition for voluntary termination of parental rights, shall become a ward of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; specify that this section shall not be construed as preventing a born-alive infant's parent or guardian from refusing medical care that is not medically appropriate or reasonable; specify that the parent or guardian of a born-alive infant shall not be held criminally or civilly liable for the actions of a physician, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, or other healthcare provider that acted without his or her consent; provide for civil and administrative penalties for violations of this Act; allow for severability; allow the General Assembly by joint resolution to appoint members to intervene as a matter or right in any case that challenges the constitutionality of this Act; amend KRS 311.595, 311.850, 314.091, and 315.121 to suspend or revoke the license of any physician, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, nurse, or pharmacist who violates this Act; amend KRS 311.990 to establish criminal penalties for violations; establish the short titles of "Born-Alive Infant Protection Act" and "Avacyn Act"; EMERGENCY.

Holy Mass Online - Readings and Video : Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - #Eucharist in Your Virtual Church

Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, bishops
Lectionary: 520/318
Reading I
2 Tm 1:1-8
Paul, an Apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God
for the promise of life in Christ Jesus,
to Timothy, my dear child:
grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father
and Christ Jesus our Lord.
I am grateful to God,
whom I worship with a clear conscience as my ancestors did,
as I remember you constantly in my prayers, night and day.
I yearn to see you again, recalling your tears,
so that I may be filled with joy, 
as I recall your sincere faith
that first lived in your grandmother Lois
and in your mother Eunice
and that I am confident lives also in you.
For this reason, I remind you to stir into flame
the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands.
For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice
but rather of power and love and self-control.

 So do not be ashamed of your testimony to our Lord,
nor of me, a prisoner for his sake;
but bear your share of hardship for the Gospel
with the strength that comes from God.
Ti 1:1-5
Paul, a slave of God and Apostle of Jesus Christ
for the sake of the faith of God’s chosen ones
and the recognition of religious truth,
in the hope of eternal life 
that God, who does not lie, promised before time began,
who indeed at the proper time revealed his word
in the proclamation with which I was entrusted
by the command of God our savior,
to Titus, my true child in our common faith:
grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our savior.
For this reason I left you in Crete
so that you might set right what remains to be done
and appoint presbyters in every town, as I directed you.
Responsorial Psalm
96:1-2a, 2b-3, 7-8a, 10
R.    (3)  Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations.
Sing to the LORD a new song;
    sing to the LORD, all you lands.
Sing to the LORD; bless his name.
R.    Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations.
Announce his salvation, day after day.
Tell his glory among the nations;
    among all peoples, his wondrous deeds.
R.    Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations.
Give to the LORD, you families of nations,
    give to the LORD glory and praise;
    give to the LORD the glory due his name!
R.    Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations.
Say among the nations: The LORD is king.
He has made the world firm, not to be moved;
    he governs the peoples with equity.
R.    Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations.
See Mt 11:25
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth;
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Mk 3:31-35
The mother of Jesus and his brothers arrived at the house.
Standing outside, they sent word to Jesus and called him.
A crowd seated around him told him,
“Your mother and your brothers and your sisters
are outside asking for you.”
But he said to them in reply,
“Who are my mother and my brothers?”
And looking around at those seated in the circle he said,
“Here are my mother and my brothers.
For whoever does the will of God
is my brother and sister and mother.” 
Prayer to Make a Spiritual Communion-
People who cannot communicate now make spiritual communion

At your feet, O my Jesus I bow down and offer you the repentance of my contrite heart, which abysses itself into its nothingness and Your holy presence. I adore you in the Sacrament of Your love, the ineffable Eucharist. I wish to receive you in the poor home that my heart offers you. In anticipation of the happiness of sacramental communion, I want to possess you in spirit. Come to me, oh my Jesus, that I may come to you. May Your love inflame my whole being, for life and death. I believe in you, I hope in you, I love you. So be it. Amen